Last trip/Next tri

Last year, for some reason my posts did not publish. I am still not sure why. Was there some glitch or was I blocked because I was in the Middle East. WordPress has no idea, yet they billed me three extra years!

On to better subjects… next week I will travel to Australia! I am very excited to say the least. It’s been on my Bucket/Lust list, as I call it since I don’t plan to luck the proverbial bucket anytime soon. My plan, so far, is fly to Sydney, short layover and then in to Cairns. I leave on the 7th of February and then return Feb 22nd. I plan to dive the Great Barrier Reef and then head South. There have been devastating fires in all of Australia so I wasn’t sure if the trip would happen, but so far it is.

My travel partner, Megan, and I have discussed contingency plans if the weather and destruction interferes. We have considered the Philippines but they just had a terrible volcano and how does one pick an island? There are so many. We talked about Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende, someday soon. Megan hasn’t been to Africa so it is wide open. Talked about Senegal with Jeremy, my Middle East travel buddy in the future. Also Borneo, Vietnam and, of course the list goes on.

Let’s see if this will publish and hopefully I can recreate my ME trip.