Other thoughts and more pictures

The food was all Russian based on the boat, most everything was edible, better the other small boats I have been on. One in the Galapagos and the other on the Nile. Most have just mushy, stir fried dishes. The smoked salmon and Tooth fish were favorites.

More pics

Incredible Gin
Bone house. Very smelly. They soak the bones in water then clean off the flesh. Takes a year
Penguins from Island near Ushuaia

And thinking of where to next…. I have a busy month of March. Santa Fe this Sat then NYC for a special birthday! Home two weekends then Albuquerque. In April a quick trip to Spain! The rest of the year is open!

Last day

I feel so grateful to have taken this trip. Yes a bucket list item, a dream come true, an accomplishment. And I feel so fortunate that I spent it with my brother. At first, the thought of spending nearly 18 days together was kind of scary. Last year we spent 10 days together. But we had fun, enjoying so many laughs, and reminiscing about our childhood, and adulthood for that matter. Life is short and I am lucky to have a brother that I can travel with. Who knows what is next.

After the San Telmo Market, I took a. Taxi to the Evita Museum. It’s amazing that she was so loved and so hated by many. She has always inspired me, especially when life was difficult. She rose from an unwanted child to a famous First Lady.

Metal work

Now just enjoying a little Rose and hummus and reading The FiveAM Club for my office book club.

Back in Buenos Aires

Uneventful flight to BA. Found the hotel. Nice big room. I had made reservations for lunch at a popular place, El Mercado. Beautiful restaurant, great food.

Aged tenderloin
Not the mushrooms I ordered
Filet-o-fish, not as expected, returned
Better choice
Another resto in the hotel. Unicorns!?!
Cool pool
Casa Rosada again
Evita’s balcony
Streets of BA

Time for a little nap and to cool off. We left Ushuaia at 5 degree and it’s 80 here. Tonight is the last night. We are going to a Tango place!

Life on board the Plancius

The boat was build as a military boat in The Netherlands. Later rooms were added for tourism. We ended up in a pretty nice room on the top floor. We had two big windows. There was easy access to the captains bridge and in the other direction, a door to the outside if we needed air or to see a passing whale or seal. There was plenty of storage space. The bath room was fine. The shower e was hot. You needed to time your shower as the big swells made it difficult to stand up. Mostly this was on the Drake Passage which is notorious for rough weather. Both of our crossings were easy. We kinda hoped for more weather.

Most days were crisp, cold and sunny. We both had the right gear. I supplemented with hand warmers. My green hat was handmade from Tibet. Not so attractive but so warm and water repelled off it. They issued us mud boots which we definitely needed. One of mine got wet but I traded it in for a dry one.

At the airport back to Buenos Aires

So hard to keep up with the blog. The rest of the time in Antarctica was spent getting on and off zodiacs to see stuff on shore and hike. We saw so many chunks of glacier ice and icebergs that formed under water. We heard and saw a few calfings. Not sure how to spell that but when ice breaks off the glacier or the iceberg cracks. It sounds like thunder. It can be dangerous because of the waves and small pieces of ice shooting from the site. Then the pieces of ice roll over. They are bottom heavy so they roll

Top of the hill
Nosy little guys
Bundled up
Reenactment of Titanic