The Local

Apertivo by the canal with a gin and tonic 4 cicchetti’s. These are meant so you don’t starve in between meals and to avoid drinking on an empty stomach, love the presentation. On shells and on pine needles.

Boiled baby potatoes with anchovy sauce. Cannoli with creamed cod . Rice crackers with a fruity compote, birds nest with lemony sauce and smoked oyster

Tomato Ice Tea! Wow!!!
Wasabi and watermelon
Holy Mackerel! So tasty!!

Baked heirloom tomato

Unbelievable pasta with corriender

Best chicken ever with coconut sauce

And dessert!

Marshmallow, apricot and pistachio’s, some gel and grappa truffle.

What an amazing dinner and wine pairings. The wine selections were fantastic. Loved everything. I think I have done Venice right!


It sounds like the house’s were assigned colors in the past, but now the residents are free to chose what color to paint their house.

Another leaning tower

Morning coffee.

I could touch the menu but I had to wear gloves. They looked used!

This island is known for lace making. I did not go to Murano to see the glass. Back to Venice. I was now starving. Just happened upon the restaurant, best dish so far. It was filled with male laborers. They ate a lot and drank a lot.

I saved room for the zucchini flowers that were down the street. The restaurant didn’t open until 12:30. They were delicious. Osteria Olivia Nera.

Reservations tonight for The Local. It looks fabulous!


Can’t get enough of Venice.

Flooding is normal

After my food coma yesterday I was looking for deep fried zucchini blossoms. I saw a place that had them but couldn’t find them. It was going to rain again so I found a table outside under an awning and sat there for awhile watching people and the rain. It seems to rain for a few minutes and then stop. I had a little snack. Local Cod three ways.

Every corner is a postcard

More Wednesday

I woke up early and went for a long walk, it was a beautiful clear, coolish morning. Very few people get up early and not many places are open. I finally found a place for some coffee.

I got in line for seeing the Basilica again. I was about 45 minutes early which worked out to be perfect. The lines were very long after that. It is such a beautiful place. It has been revised by fire and flood since the 450’s. Apparently St Mark’s body was brought there from Egypt. The floors of the main part are rippled by floods. Last time I was here it was closed due to floods and days after I was visiting it was two feet under water.

Somebody said take a lot of pictures….

The alley to my apartment
A little breakfast
Love all the cafes
Irish Pub from yesterday, right across from my favorite restaurant

As soon as I made the flight arrangements I made reservations at Osterialletestiere. I have eaten here a few times. Never forget to confirm your reservations. It’s Michelin rated!!

Italian Gin and Tonic
Seafood from the Adriatic Sea
Nine tables
Ravioli as second course
Unbelievable fish
Biscotti that was actually good

Back to the apartment for a food coma induced nap and a rapid Covid test. I am negative

Friday we slowly packed up. This never published from Feb 2021 in Puerto Vallarta…

I had been wanting to eat at this road side place and I my did not

New favorite hot souce
Second condo

We moved more into town, a mother beautiful condo on the beach. A lite less quiet. Many of the local came to picnic on the beach.


We walked across the street last night for some drinks and margaritas, then talked and played some games.

A stage?

Wednesday in Venice

Ugg another long post lost so I begin again.

The days really blur sometimes. Yesterday after seeing the fish market and wandering about, I spent a lot of the day reading, and sleeping. The bread and pasta was killing me. I guess the Italians are importing our crappy bleached out flour. I was reading a book called Constant Change about a dental lab. I know, exciting stuff.

I left apartment around 5 pm. Rain was threatening. Jennie had told me the storm was quite violent by her. I didn’t want to get stopped by my new friends but sure enough Mickey was just outside. He manages two restaurants, one on either side of my apartment. He asked my to have a Prosecco but I politely refused and said maybe I would stop by later. The poor guy is smitten. I am not the type to want to be indebted to anyone or be the expectant American waiting for something free.

As I wandered around some more, I happened into another Irish Pub. I had been there before. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to eat here but just to get my bearings. I ordered an Aperol Spritz and read my book and watched the Olympic’s. The rain stopped so it was my chance to find the right place to eat. I couldn’t eat any more bread! I ended up at a small place called La Serenissima. With my white wine I had some Bresaola and frito misto. Bresaola is like carpaccio. I asked for some pesto. I could smell it from the kitchen, but received some mayonnaise. I paid my bill and they served me the requisite Lemoncello.


Then back to the San Marcos Square for more photos. I’ll always remember the orchestras playing on either side of the square, competing with each other. Crowds of people would flock to one side then the other, depending on the song.

Beautiful gondolas

Then I walked to Harry’s Bar. Years ago I planned to meet some friends there one day at 4 pm. They were coming form England. We were late. As I was walking fast to get to Harry’s, someone jumped me, it was my firmed. We had the famous Bellinis at Harry’s.

I am obsessed with the shoes!

Back to the apartment and slipped by my friends.

Tuesday in Venice

I did not sleep well but did get a lot of reading done. I got up early and walked to the Rialto fish market. Years ago, my daughter and I stayed for a week in a flat and went the market and we bought the ugliest fish we could find and cooked it up. Some was good some not! I love fresh markets. It was a little rainy so I ducked into a cafe for a cappuccino and a sandwich.

Umbrella Art
Rialto Bridge

Natalie and I spent five hours here once, watching people and drinking some Italian beer

Freda is here too!
From Rialto Bridge
Love the masks
Look at these shoes!