Last random pics

At the Munich airport. Going home soon. It will be a long flight! Just saying hello to my German friends.

Wolf bar at my hotel on Cava Baja street
Steak tartar so good!!
Balcony room
So green
Herbs in the lights
For Natalie

Ready for my 12 hour flight!! So long until the next trip!!! Thanks for reading!!!

More Barcelona

Sagrada Familia. This church was started in the late 1800’s by Antoni Gaudi. It is still being built and it is expe to be finished 100 years after Gaudis death in 1926. He was hit by. A street car. It’s incredible inside and out. The last time I was here the line was hours long so I bought a ticket on line. Here are some photos.

His other works
And another

I navigated the metro again and ended up back at the market. I sat next to the server station. I learned more Spanish sitting here listening. Had a Spritz and some food and then they gave me some Sangria. It was left over or a mistake, so I was a little hesitant to drink it, especially after they asked how I liked it.

The bar at my hotel after a nap

Traveling on the fly and with everything so automated now, brings extra challenges. I used to have everything printed before I left on my trip. Mostly because you never know about Internet availability. I remember the days of going to the filthy Internet cafes and even long ago the AAA trip tic. Now with so many travel apps, I forget where things are and which company I have booked through. This trip I added flights and activities to my calendar with where I booked them through. It has helped.

The airports are so different now too, I had booked my flight today for 4:30 pm but realized that leaving earlier on a Friday would be better so booked another flight at 10:30. It costs so little and time is more important. I arrived at the airport in plenty of time but getting a kiosk to work takes some time. This one I had to check in to get my boarding pass and then take a photo of the QR code to pay on my phone for my luggage. Do you think I can remember my six digit code twice? Then the time is up to use the kiosk, basically telling me I am too slow. Then you scan your own bag and put it on the conveyor belt. Both of these processes take place in the same area so it’s crazy.

Now I am at the Madrid airport looking for Lufthansa because I can’t check in online. Thanks Capital One! Free ticket but no confirmation code on the confirmation for the trip home. Some stupid glitch or possibly operator error. I took the bus to Terminal 2, I was at Terminal 4. Took forever. I found the Lufthansa check in and explained my situation. She checked me in. I asked for window seats but she said, you get what you get. After I had the boarding tickets, I checked the website, yup checked in and there were plenty of seats, so now I am in window seats. When I am flying economy, I chose to sit way in the back with hopes of a whole row to stretch out in. Not so important for this trip since I get in on Sat afternoon.

Was thinking of Ubering but it looked complicated so I grabbed a taxi to my hotel. Upgraded!! Unpacked and packed. It will be an early wake up tomorrow.

Twelve Hours later I woke up

Yup I was tired. It was 11:45 AM when I looked at my watch. Plan for the day Picasso museum and La Sacrada Familia. It was a 30 min walk per gps. No line so I went in. Picasso is someone I need to learn more about. So confusing. In my own nutshell, it seems he studied the masters, liked nudes and still life’s and then went crazy, maybe a disease of the eyes and saw prisms.

From yesterday while wandering. He is telling people not to clap along, just like Adam Sandler on SNL
Just a little something in front of a bank
More Picasso, his studio?
Foie gras ravioli
Picasso drawings
Old wall of Barcelona
City street

Lunch was good now off to find Sacrada Familia. I tried to see this years ago but the line was hours. I have a ticket today!


My flight goof up only cost me two hours and $100 bucks. My sweet son reminded me of another flight that I made for the wrong day in Malawi. It all works out. Taxi to the hotel. It was so hard to chose where to stay. Barcelona is very anti Airbnb so I wanted a hotel on or close to the Ramblas Street. It’s a busy street that has so many tourists, outdoor cafes, bars etc. It is very lively to use my friend Megan’s word. My room was ready. It was very clean and very tiny and very small and the bleach smell was over powering. There was a little coffee area was kind of stupid. And no coffee.

Cemetery along the way
This is $200 a night!
Coffee no coffee

I dropped my stuff and walked across the street to the famous Boqueria Market. As expected it was crowded. Locals get their produce, fish and meat here. Tourist gawk and eat at the little cafes inside. I couldn’t find a spot I like so I sat just outside the market looking into it. I picked a spot because of the accordion man. The food here was really bad. Had a little wine and it was nap time.

Boqueria Market
Ram las Street

Quick two hour nap then time to explore. I was vaguely looking for a boot shop. But stopped off at the bar at my hotel. Wolf Lounge.

Balcony of the bar
I have taken this picture on a previous trip
My hotel
A vending machine in the church!

I love churches. This was not super beautiful but this vending machine was funny. You could buy matches, candles , mugs, water bottles and water. Is this what the world is coming to?!?

I just meandered along, window shopping, looking for the boot store, hurrying when it seemed like a shady area. Sometimes I ended up going in a circle. This plaza was so pretty

A bridge in the gothic area

Time to eat something. I decide on a vegan place. Ordered eggplant and burrata. It was so yummy

Salsa matchaish with honey
Been here before
Here he is again

Back at the hotel, the bar was full. There was a great singer, but I was so tired. It was close to midnight so I went to bed.

More Mallorca and a mistake

The beach and coastline were beautiful. I can’t imagine what it would be like in season. I bought a few items than chose a beachfront restaurant for a Aperol and a snack and more reading. The locals were out and seemed a desperate crowd. I didn’t like the feel of it. I did dip a toe in the Balearic Sea. It was freezing. I was hungry for pizza so I looked up best Pizza near me. Top choice was Pizza Hut. No thank you. But I did see an interesting group of restaurants near by that looked interesting, including a craft cocktail place. Just a few blocks away. So I walked over. It was about 7:30. No one was there and it was loud. It looked like they were expecting a crowd but I left. Stopped in a few stores and bought some long pants. I only brought one pair of white pants. I didn’t feel like going to a bar so I bought a bottle of cheap sparking wine at the quick market and read outside on my balcony watching the sun set. The upstairs pool design was smart, it had chairs facing East and West. It gets chilly without the sun.


I am reading some great books. This is one of them

The Gin and Tonic I hoped to find
And a pizza
Hotel at night
Instead of the make up the room sign on the hotel door
Hotel mural
Hotel Rhino

So for the mistake…. Woke up about two hours before my alarm. No big deal, just did some reading. Made sure that I could get a taxi by calling the front desk. No Uber here. Fast trip to the airport. Easily found my check in area, checked my bag and headed to security. I needed some coffee. They don’t have coffee machines in the rooms in Spain, or at least not the ones I am staying in. As I got to security, my ticket code did not work. A man looked at my ticket and said, “Tomorrow.” Shit. Went back to the checkin area. No I can’t buy a new ticket. She made me follow her. I had to wait for them to find my luggage and I bought a ticket the earliest that I could for today. My original flight was at 8 am. Now it was 1:30pm. Ugg. How would I spend that time? I looked around, Julie and I bought tickets in Vietnam at the airport, why not here. It was 6:30am and nothing was open. I tried one place but they didn’t sell tickets, but luckily the next one did. $100 later I was on a flight at 10:15. Not sure how I chose the wrong day, but the original flight was $25. Need to check the rest of my notes and flights for correct times. Off to Barcelona!


Another place I have wanted to visit. Back to the airport, after a Buffet breakfast. Short 55 min fight. Sometimes you are charged extra for luggage, sometimes not. It seems better to gamble on not paying upfront for it. Long taxi to the next hotel. It’s very modern and just finished. It is two five story buildings bridged together by an infinity pool and deck on the fifth floor, over looking the beautiful sea. Quite stunning. I went up to get in the sun and grab a bite. I chose some sling chairs. As I sat down, the chair was a bit rickety and then it broke! Embarrassed, I got up, put it to the side and grabbed a different one. The bartender actually came over to see if I was ok. Ugg. Had a Mai Tai and some perfectly cooked shrimp in a ginger garlic sauce.

Top left chair no good

Time to check out the beach. This is turning into the ultimate one and done trip. Tomorrow to Barcelona!!


The hotel

The hotel was on the water near a famous beach. If it was high season, it would have been busy. I took a taxi to the old part of town, near the marina. The building were mostly white and very old. I did some shopping and tried to find a not so touristy place to eat, read and have drink. They all seem to serve the same things. I decided on one with a Marina view. Had some scallops and wine. Surprisingly good.

Cool tree next to me
The color of the water
Exhibit on the bay. Trees in Namibia
Sunset at my hotel
The sky…
Octopus and veggies

Took a taxi back to the hotel. Went next door to a lively place with cute gay bartenders, called Mitch’s. Amazing veggies, cooked perfectly.


This island had been on my list for a long time and then when the series “White Lines” came out, I knew I had to visit. Not for the Discos, DJ’a or drugs but for the beauty. And it is beautiful. Quick flight on Ryanair for less than $50 including baggage. I arrived and my room over looking the Mediterranean was ready!

View from my room

It’s an adult only place. The food is from across the street. Just here less than 24 hours. I will make the best of it!

After the fight

I took the metro again. So easy. I remember teaching my kids how to take the “tube” in London. They were preteens. I explained how it worked and that most cities were the same. I told them where we were and where we wanted to go and I sat down and waited for them to figure it out. They were a little frustrated at first, but it was fun to see their little brains work. I never had to help them again. That is empowerment. Sometimes people scoffed at traveling with my kids at young ages. What would they remember? Enough. Maybe not the Louve but they are world travelers. One is going to a Padres game in Mexico City next week and the other is headed to Israel. I digress.

I stopped at Plaza Del Sol. It was very busy. So many people out and about, drinking, eating and socializing. So many dogs out for walks with their masters. I got a little lost but it didn’t matter. I was still a bit disturbed by the BullFight. I needed internet so I stopped off at a bar, it was hard to find a quiet one with space to sit. I ordered a Aperol Spritz and a crushed tomato bruschetta. It was perfect. I am in the planning stage of a dinner I donated, so I am looking for ideas. I got a little more lost and then finally was near my hotel.

I stopped at the hotel. The restaurant was very busy. I never even thought to eat here. I’ll be back on Friday so maybe I will then. I walked up and down my street. It is a very hip area with many cafes, bars and restaurants. Some so tiny that it’s hard to believe that they can stay open. I found a place, again with seats and ordered some tapas.

Crushed tomatoes
Baked Brie and honey
Iberica ham

Back to the hotel to get packed and sleep. No need to try to adapt to Spain time. I wake up early and read and then go back to sleep. To Ibiza tomorrow.