On Sunday we decided to drive up the coast to Sayulitas. I had been there for a beautiful wedding a few years ago. We parked the car and then just walked a bit. I love the colors of the little surf town. We sat on the beach for what else, a margarita then found a taco shop with the best tacos ever!!!


Another beautiful day! Sue and I decided to get some walking in. We walked all the way down the beach, stopping to admire the street art along the way.

I love all of the mosaics
So many bronzes on the Malacon
The boat to Yelapa, a family vacation spot a few years ago.

We stopped for a margarita and a little shopping and viewing the locals.

Sue and I spent a little time on the beach. The guard that works here brought chairs to us and made a little space for us. So nice to read and relax ten feet from the water. We ventured out in the neighborhood to find some food. The Cobb is a little rough in my Moms feet but we kept her going. Decided on a place upstairs but the service and the martinis were not up to par so we left. Of course they tried to charge us double but we knew the exchange rate and one that battle. Next stop was an awesome little place with great food and margaritas!!!

Tequila Tasting

We needed some more tequila and limes so I punched up liquor store. Lo and behold, just 5 miles away there was a liquor store. I hadn’t seen it. We took an unmarked right which quickly turned into a dirt road, of course filled with pot holes and deep ruts. Then cobblestone, which has its own concerns. Within minutes I to the jungle we saw a few structures. Which one was the liquor store. Signs in Mexico are so optional. Finally past some chicken coops and a few people staring us down, turned a corner and there was a tequila tasting tour! A very friendly Javier asked if we wanted to taste or tour or both! Of course, both. We learned where agave was grown and how it was roasted and distilled and then he pulled up a couple chairs and we tasted tequila!

We tried about ten tequilas!
Had a little lunch by the River

The Weekend

Friday we left our condo, packed up all of our stuff and drive about 5 minutes to a roadside “diner”. My Mom wasn’t too keen on stopping at these places but today she had no choice. We had gone by many times.

The View
Best hot sauce

So back in the raid to the next condo. Took a bit to get someone’s attention to open the door, then the keys and parking were difficult, but right on the ocean with a lovely view.

We settled in, stopped at the store and then picked up Sue Maack at the airport. She was going to spend the weekend with us. For dinner we walked across the street to a little sports bar. Had some margaritas and nachos and a lot of laughs.

Green Bay was represented!
Interesting stage


So after a day of reading and thinking, can’t quite meditate, but I try. Maybe writing is my meditation.. especially in this peaceful place on the balcony, seeing and listening to the waves crash, hearing a tropical bird sing and being still.

In the moment right now

More reading today. Trying to alternate between work ready, self improvement and reading for pleasure. Most if the books I read for please are some sort of mystery, psychological thriller and very occasionally silly girl humor. I like books that sweep me away. I also like historical fiction and biographies. Shantaram is mostly a biography with history and politics. Some of his story must be fabricated like in “Million Little Pieces,” because how do you know what’s act happening when you are on heroin or crack? Finished rereading the book called, “Fish” which is a required book in my office right now. We used to be better about following the Fish Principles in the past, so I am vm regain that we will begin again. I find that in the business of dentistry, one must really listen to what the patient wants, I get that no one wants to have dentistry but for me it’s more important to do more things proactively for your teeth so that when you are older, that they are in your mouth, not in your bed stand or “Summer Teeth” like we used to joke around about…some are there and some are not. Another book I am reading is called, “The Magic of Thinking Big.” It was written in 1959! Ha before I was born. It’s about daring to believe that you can have what you want. Being persistent and creative. My children know that there is one song I hate the most in the world and it’s, “You can’t always get what you want.” By The Rolling Stones! I love the Stones and especially Mick Jagger, but I hate this song because it goes against so many of my core beliefs. If I hear this song, I must turn it off. So I know all of this stuff, but rereading keeps me motivated. I phrase from one book, a quiz from another. It just goes hand in hand with my strive for more vision, for always learning, ( because if you are not leaning, you are dumbing). I just want to be sure that I am living this life to my fullest potential. Years ago while waiting for an imminent cyclone, I said to my friend Megan, “I am good, I am happy with my life, I have no regrets.” And I feel that way, but I don’t want to stop living my best life ever. Like the saying goes, I want to slide into home plate, tattered and torn, using up every moment of my life. We obviously survived the category 5 Cyclone!

To the left
To the right
My only companion
The condo
The pool

Last night we made the third trip to the Mismaloya Grill down the street. We were there last Saturday but it was a fixed Valentines menu, stopped by Monday as Pablo the owner promised me some grilled octopus but they closed because the cook didn’t show up. Finally got the Pulpo/octopus and it was perfect!

I one had some of the best grilled octopus in Greece with a Sambuca reduction and pistachios. It still makes me drool. Mom had some wood fired pizza. Both were served on circular cuts of a tree trunk.

The view is amazing where we can watch locals bring their fishing boats in. The kids all play in the water and the sunsets are beautiful.The restaurant is perched on a cliff overlooking the Mismiloya cove


Later on Tuesday

After a, some may call it lazy day: me reading and bronzing, and Mom doing her puzzle and word games, we ventured out. The nearest store besides the OXXO was about ten minutes away in the Romantic Zone. It was a little different route than we had been taking. The streets were very narrow with very little in the way of signage. Soon they turned from pot holes to bumpy cobblestone. Most of the main area is cobblestone. Our gps led us to the tiny grocery store. They had the basics. I needed limes for my tequila and we needed drinking water. After our purchases we decided to drive around. It’s known to be a very gay area and, of course, that means great restaurants and galleries and shops. We decided that if we saw something and there was a parking spot that we would stop.

There was a wine tasting place so I asked a man outside if they had food and if we could park in the yellow area. He said that yes, they did have great food and wine and that the yellow on the curbs was just there because some official liked the color yellow. Upstairs was the restaurant and a gallery. We sat on a balcony looking down the street. There were many people for my mom to figure out their life. It was a pretty street lines with many colors of Bougainvilleas.

On the phone, fixing the phone

Mom had a martini and never hesitates to ask special favors, this time it was asking if they had blue cheese olives….nope, but then our cute waiter brought her three that he stuffed himself!

Mezcal Manhattan with Chocolate Bitters

It was more of a Tapas place so we had stuffed mushrooms, beef carpaccio, tuna sashimi and of course, we can never pass up calamari, but we should have.


We had some more drinks and then wandered the gallery. There were some shops across the street that were cute. Soon Montezuma was telling me it was time to go home. We played some more Rummicub, finally with me winning a few games. She is still ahead! Neither of us slept well but I finished a good book. it is great to be able to read books cover to cover. It is what I enjoy when I am on long flights and/or in airports for hours.

Gallery shots

Tuesday February 16th 2021

I had a great nights sleep. The waves are so relaxing, but I don’t want to miss a minute of reading. I brought so many books to read but I really want to finish Shantaram. I started its year ago. I found it in a Sydney hotel library and I rarely get a chance to sit down an read it. It’s not the kind of book that you can skim the pages. The author truly makes you feel the sights, sounds and smell of India, especially the slums, I get itchy when he describes pulling lice out of the seams of his clothing while in prison. I smell the foul smell of petrol when he ride his motor bike.

Today is a bit cloudy and cool. We are on the west coast so the sun takes a little bit to get here. So it’s coffee and Sharantam on the veranda, occasionally looking up for whales.

Botanical Gardens

We are about 20 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta, very close to where we took a family trip to Yelapa a few years ago. We have to take a boat to get there. We left San Diego on Christmas Day and told the kids we would be traveling by canoe, so they couldn’t take more than a small bag. Sorry Natalie and Annie. The hotel, if you could call it that was one bedroom and a kitchen, not very private bathroom and a balcony with two beds and a hammock. The beds had mosquito nets but not the hammock! George slept without the mosquito net and paid for it. There were no windows or screens. It was really primitive. We had a great time. The tiny town only had narrow paths that donkeys and people passed through. No cars, no bikes, no scooters. There were a few restaurants but the beach was exciting. Waves pretty much ripped your suit off if you aren’t careful. We hiked to waterfalls and truly learned the meaning of family style eating, which meant one big bowl and lots of forks.

So today, Mom and I drove and drove south to where we were pretty sure there was a botanical garden. It was high in the mountain about twenty minutes away. So many beautiful plants and birds and butterflies. We had a lovely lunch Hugh in the trees and fed the koi. Back to the beach for a little suntanning, aka bronzing per my daughter.

Earlier today I saw some whales out in the Ocean. A spectacular site.

It’s my Birthday!

I haven’t been home for my Birthday in years! I have spent it with great friends, sometimes alone and in six continents. I hope to always do something a little different on my Birthday.

I am enjoying many birthday wishes from family and friends, old friends and new friends, friends from around the world. I am blessed and grateful.

Yesterday after reading for hours, we decided to go for a little drive and maybe eat something. We ended up in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta on the boardwalk

Mom was looking for some new sunglasses and I wanted a hat. We tried to negotiate but no deal so we stopped for some margaritas and ceviche. Just the typical Mexican hawkers and mariachi bands etc.

Back to the condo for a little wine and the sunset. It was a pretty night. We witnessed and engagement and many families ending their Sunday at the beach.

Love the mosaics
Marry Me

More Feb 13

After the car was exchanged, new car isn’t much better, the door handle fell off before the guy who delivered it even left….its Mexico, we just read and relaxed in the condo. Also got the news that my faucet in my bathroom was broken and would get fixed on Monday. Oh well.

After a little nap we decided to venture out. As usual I was checking out to local food scene. There was a place about 5 minutes away that had an amazing octopus dish. My mouth was watering already just from the photo on the website. It was about 5 miles to the South. So we got in the car and the GPS said go North. After a few minutes, I asked my Mom how much longer and she said 25 minutes. Hmm we had nothing else to do but that took us almost into Puerto Vallarta. Then it told us to take a left and then a right and I realized it wanted us to turn around. No easy task but I did and we were back on track. I knew that it was in a condo so when we pulled up to the destination, I was pretty sure we were in the right place. I asked the doorman before we got out of the car. Yup right place . No signs for the resto. A guard took our temp and gave us hand sanitizer. Another gave us a wrist band and took us to the elevator, down a long hall and finally to an empty restaurant overlooking a beautiful bay.

Margaritas were ordered. I asked for the menu but none came. Finally a hurried man came up and apologized that he was late. He was the chef! And then we were told no octopus, it was a special menus for Valentines Day. We thought about staying but decided to come back on Monday when Pablo promised to have the octopus for us!

Driving along we decided that we would stop at the OXXO and get something. Not much to choose from as it was a very basic gas station. Back in the car I made an executive decision and crossed the two lanes to a roadside restaurant. They were happy to see us and bragged about the best shrimp in the area! And it was very good!!

Best Margs so far!

So yummy! We took our leftovers and headed back to the condo to play some Rummicub and do Moms puzzle and read