We found some great massage therapists on the beach. Wow they beat us up. We rode bikes to the Cenotes. The one we paddle boarded was beautiful but the cenotes are most beautiful in the mid day so you can see though the water. The second one we went to you could swim in and there were a lot of bats flying around. To the side there were many kinds of turtles.


Breakfast place
Cenote Sup
Soft shell crab taco at Arco

We ate at Arco. My neighbor’s son used to be a chef here. Food was great but service very rushed.

The Tulum ruins

We hiked around the ruins then went snorkeling. You could use a mask but no snorkel due to Covid. Kind of silly. We saw a couple of turtles and rays and fish.

Another Cenote
Lots of turtles


So much to do here or just do nothing. I have been so busy that it has been impossible to keep up with this blog and the fact that the Internet doesn’t always cooperate. We chose a small boutique hotel called Nueva Lido. We wanted beachfront with a pool, WiFi, parking, air conditioning bar and restaurant. You sometimes have to sacrifice, so no a/c not good, no bar, we had a refrigerator…. Great view, nice tanning beds in front with umbrellas and breakfast was across the street.

We planned to stay on the beach for three nights then maybe move into the city of Tulum but quickly changed our minds. The beach was too nice to leave. After a few Mezcals and diet squirt we walked down the beach around sunset then on to the maid road which is mostly dirt and potholes. We were barefoot but found a little taco bar with amazing oct tacos! Yummy. I live the sauces and spice here. Everything is so fresh.

Mezcal and crickets


I have been hearing about Tulum for a long time. I traveled to Cancun in 1983 just when Michael Jackson’s Thriller album came out! So long ago. My dental school friends and I took out emergency loans and spent a week in Cancun. It was fun but not my scene. Tulum is spectacular! Blue skies, warm. Softest sand ever.

Next stop flight to Cancun and drive to Tulum

I will never for the life of me understand renting a car and why it takes so long. We waited an hour to pick up the car that I had rented. It’s not like it’s a brand new car! This process has to be improved! The drive was going to be about an hour and a half. The roads were good we stopped for supplies, limes, Mezcal and ice and a beer. The turn off to Tulum started out smooth but then turned into a bumpy dirt road. Traffic moved slowly, which was fine since we were checking everything out. So many shops and restaurants and hotels. Very jungly. Is that a word? We had booked a place on the beach with a pool Nueva Lida.

We ventured out to the beach and watched the sun set then onto the dirt road, barefoot to a little taco place. Had amazing tacos and mezcal topped off with a special treat of crickets, mezcal and limon. The crickets are a fun salty, crispy treat.

More Mexico City

Best quiche ever

We got up Monday with the thought of riding bikes to the nearby Zoo and park. Most museums are closed on Monday’s. We rode some “mountain” bikes. Not in great shape. Crazy to think that we would attempt to bike in a major city, but we navigated toward the Zoo to find that it was closed too! Decided to ride a round and found Lardo, a little cafe that served great food and iced coffee.

Famous Churo shop
Another cafe to have a little wine and play cards

Love this city. We feel safe and comfortable. Many pretty touches everywhere.