Venice….my favorite city

Jennie and the girls graciously dropped me off at the train station. Ironically they were on the way to the dentist. I easily purchased a ticket to Venice. The trip was going to take about 45 minutes. I had brought some things for the girls so I was down to a back pack and a shopping bag. Rain was threatening and I knew that I would be walking so no roller bag over the bridges. It was hot!!

The route
Train Station
At the train station

I have been to Venice a few times so I thought I knew the way, but I got a little detoured, but landed at an Irish Pub. I was to meet the Airbnb person at three. Devils Forest Pub is an establishment! Internet for a map and Aperol Spritz to cool off. 

The bar

The best part of Venice is just wandering around and getting lost. There are way more tourists than residents. I met the guy a few minutes later and he took me to the apartment. It’s bright and spacious.

There is a restaurant below so the sounds and smells of the outdoor cafe can be heard. It’s nice.

The view

After settling in I went down the three stories, opened the door and stepped outside the building, into the alley and the host of the restaurant next door invited me in for a Prosecco. He was so friendly that I accepted. I was busy reading as I do and someone else asked if I wanted another glass. He was the manager. Neither spoke much English, but tried. I tried to. I have studied a little Italian over the years but I always revert back to Spanish. We had a few laughs. I was on my way to explore!

I love this square. St Marks

St. Mark’s Basilica

I meandered around a bit, found a quiet outdoor restaurant next to the canal and had a quick drink in the rain and more reading. Beautiful views.

Simple beauty!

So I go back to my room for a quick shower and when I come down to go to dinner , my new friends invite back in the restaurant. Restaurante Centrale Pizzeria. Micky, the manager wanted to take me to dinner but I refused, but I let him buy me dinner at the bar. Amazing spaghetti con vongole, more Prosecco and a white and finally some limoncello. And the bread! Yummy


Said arrivederchi to my new friends and went upstairs.

With the Giauque Girls…

I need to find a new blog venue. This one has become so complicated.

My niece
My great nieces

My oldest nephew’s wife and their darling girls picked me up from the airport on Sunday. Not sure what to do so we headed to a winery for a little wine tasting and a snack. Such beautiful country side. It was a perfect, hot summer day. Then we drove to their house for a jet-lagged nap for me. They live in the country in a cute house, right next to a stable with lots of farm animals. A new donkey was born the next day and I think they named it Aunt Bobby, which is what they call me. My nephew Mark started calling me Bobby when he first started saying Mommy and Daddy, done 30 years ago.

The girls were excited to show me their cool loft room and dolls and stuffed animals. We ordered pizza and watched a movie. The girls are so sweet and loving. Jennie is a great Mom. I don’t know how military families do it. Mark, my nephew is in Oklahoma training for a couple of months.

On Sunday we slept in and then decided to see some caves nearby. Again beautiful scenery and hot weather. The caves felt good. The explanation of the mountain and the caves made the lush area all make sense. The rock is very porous and absorbs a lot of water. The caves were below the city of Asiago, as in the cheese.


After the caves we drove to the city where Grappa originated. We had some lunch and a very short tour the the Grappa museum with a grappa tasting. Most grappa that I have had is not to my liking but there two flavored grappas were good.

A church
Beautiful city

Later that day we went to the city of Vicenza. Jennie knows her way around quite well. It’s so hard to find parking, but she has the parking lots in her phone so that helped. We walked around a bit, had some Aperol Spritzers and Orangina soda for the girls. So fun the people watch and dog watch.

Wolves are legal here
Aperol Spritz

It was lovely to spend time with these three girls. And sad to leave on Monday.

The Flight over…

It’s busy, everyone has masks on. The few days before the flight were nerve racking. Do I need to show the vax card and get a Covid test? Just some simple statements would have been helpful. I booked on Expedia but you had to fill out forms for each airline and upload your passport and vax card. But this could only be done 48 hours in advance. If you make a mistake, you star all over.

Thank goodness some of the bars and restaurants were open. They weren’t in earlier months and when they were open, so many rules..sat down to a lively conversation of two people, older American woman and a younger Kiwi. They were discussing her love life so loudly that I almost moved. The person next me and I giggled. When the woman left, he starts grilling me. After answering a few annoying questions, I told him I had to work on my blog. He stayed uncomfortably close. When I left I told the bartender thanks for now saving me!

On to the plane. I switched from a aisle to a window and had the whole row to my self. Tried to read, tried to watch a couple moves but just ate and went to sleep. Looks like our flight is arriving late…

Flying over the top of the world

Finally a trip to Europe

Venice here I come! A few weeks ago I was planning to go to Wisconsin to visit my Mom, friends and possibly organize my high school class reunion. It was expensive. The same day I received a postcard from my nephew and his niece who are living just outside of Venice. My nephew, Mark is stationed there in the Army. So when I looked up the possibility of traveling to Venice, I impulsively booked it! Then I felt guilty and booked a very quick trip to Wisconsin for my Mother’s birthday. Saw my best friend since age 15, Julie. Had a great dinner with Mom at a very cool supper club in Pipe, Wisconsin. Pipe is so small it’s unincorporated. The supper club sat about 40 people. You want to get there at about 4:30. You sign up with one of the daughters and go to the bar and wait. Dice games are happening. Mostly shake of the day. I ordered an Old Fashioned, sometimes called Old Fashion. It was perfect except for the cherries. I hate those dyed red ones. After a bit a server brings the menu and you order from her. When the table is ready, you are invited to be seated. Immediately a fritter arrives, unless you know to ask for it to be served after dinner. We did. My Mom is a regular. A fritter can be many things, this one was kind of a deep fried rosette donut with powdered sugar on it. It’s probably a German thing. We had an amazing, Wisconsin dinner including soup, salad, bread basket, calamari appetizer and fresh lake perch! I love this place. An Restauranteur would be impressed with the efficiency and the food. Next my Mom and I stopped off to see my Father at a tiny cemetery in Jericho Wisconsin. We buried him there in October of 2009. My parents had a bench designed as their gravestone with their picture on it, their parents names and their kids. It’s pretty cool. I have relatives from my Dads side buried there. The church was built by my Great Grandfather on my Moms side. There are farms bordering it and there used to be cows next door. The next day I saw my college friends after a memorable bowl of Real Chili!!

So now off to Venice for just 6 nights. Two with my nephew’s wife and their kids, then four nights in one of my favorite cities, Venice. I have reservations at my fav restaurant. Time to fly!

You don’t know what a fritter is?
Best Friends Forever

Time to go home

We had a great trip but We are ready to get back to the USA

Yes she has a knife

We decided yesterday to change our flights. And we are glad that we did. Last night security guard really emphasized that we lock all of the sliding doors, so something was up. We each slept with a knife. The only thing that got me were bugs. I have bites all over! We were also sick of the locals claiming “our” beach. There was a bar near by that vibrated the whole beach until about 4 am. we played more rummy cube and called it a night.

Today we had a leisurely morning, gave out left over food and booze to the guard and drove to the car rental and then the airport. We’ll be in Coronado by 8:30 tonight