We stopped at one of the beachside communities looking for a place to stay. Restaurant had potential with several Packer signs but we decided that the hotel/motel was a little too Bates like so we left.

Road kill

Next beach town. Arrived at dusk, found an office and a woman showed us to a room with two beds. Restaurant might open, it didn’t, no internet, and electricity turned off at 10pm and didn’t come on in the morning. We ate papaya for dinner and played cards.

My bed
His bed
I had to use the towel for warmth
View from the beach
Coconut oil thermometer: solid when cold, liquid when hot
City of Mulege for breakfast
Still XMas decorations
Yes TJ sign

On towards St Ignacio we are halfway between Tijuana and Cabo

Pretty flowers along the road. We saw men painting the curbs and weed wacking along the side of the roads too, far from the cities.

Mission built in 1700’s
Went to church again
Cactus garden
Another sign

To Loreto

After breakfast we started our northern trek. Our plan was to get to Loreto. It would be a long day. We invented a new game, when you see a beer sign or bottle, it’s time for a beer.

Squint for this one
Sometimes Fireball.

Great scenery along the the way. The roads were pretty good, sometimes very straight and sometimes curves for now reason. We decided that the civil engineer was ina me out of rehab. We listened to each other’s podcasts and my miserable music list that I never update.

Went to church
Mezcal and Fresca in homemade cup
New boyfriend

Just one day in Loreto but it’s a clean town, lots of activities and lots of expats

Another beer stop

Diving day

The room we are staying in is tiny, two beds a couch, refrigerator and a bathroom

Outside patio
Breakfast here
Breakfast dog

Got set up for two dives. Decent visibility. Saw a Moray Eel, Peter saw sea turtles. Second dive my face mask kept fogging up and then I was alone. I did not panic. I waited on the bottom, then slowly ascended. Saw the boat they directed me towards the bubbles of the divers. I descended and waited. Schools of fish surrounded me, giving me the eye. I loved this when I dove before, so I tried to have that same feeling. I decided to wait about one minute more before ascending but then the dive master found me. He took me back to the group and all was well. Enjoyed the rest of the dive.

More tacos!

Nap dinner sunset a great day but we decided that two days was going to cut in to our trip later so we decided to leave in the morning.

The Bachelor

Wow so much to catch up on!

It’s Feb 16, 2022. My brother and I are having a great time zigzagging Baja California. Hard to blog without strong internet and even harder without electricity! But we have beer and Mezcal.

We got our car and located our hotel pretty quickly. We made a stop at Walmart for a few things and got out to the Malecon to explore. Seems like each Mexican port city has a Malecon which is a wide boulevard near the water. Locals and tourists walk, bike, skate and stroll back and forth, getting exercise, cooling off and just strolling. Usually it’s a pretty area, with trees and benches. Shops and restaurants on one side and water on the other. We walked both ways and sat down for a Margarita. Of course your people wanted to book things for us. We had a great dinner at Sushito, sashimi and a great riceless roll, like a Vietnamese spring roll with the fish as the wrap.

Bachelor seems grumpy
Malecon and La Paz sign

Coronado needs a city sign!

The best
More Malecon

We decided to drive south and dive in Cabo Plumo. I had been there before. We decided to forgo our $47 hotel for the second night. Booked diving and a beachfront Airbnb and we left La Paz on day 2.

Love tacos

I hate All-inclusive Resorts and Buffets!!!

Omg sorry but it’s true! I am in the Dominican Republic for work, seriously. I am here as a dentist taking a dental implant course, with my daughter, also a dentist. We will be in the classroom and surgery center but this place is horrible. So many rules. We have been here 24 hours and I have one picture that makes me happy and it’s a sunset. Relearning eat to live vs love to eat. And We are VIPs!