Thursday, Valentines Day

Yup tried to wake up early, justified that I will see it on Sat early am when I have to leave.

This guy has been keeping me company at meals. He lost his top beak, so they feed him mushy food. He can say a few words.

Time to dive.

Two more great dives

Dive shop above and kids sell these yummy pasties or meat empanadas And the dolphin and mermaid picture, this time with me in it.

Lots of nurse sharks, barracuda, spiney lobster and colored fish. The coral is beautiful and in every color imaginable. Last year about this time, after surviving a category 5 cyclone, Megan and I were on a tiny island called something, can’t remember. We snorlked in the most amazing place, Garden something. It was like Dr Seuss on steroids and acid. The most beautiful snorkeling. Ever. This is in second place. I do love being in the water. Other more experienced divers just cruise around, kick their fins, not me I am full on kicking and breast stroke, totally ADD not wanting to miss anything. The other divers must hate me. but I know there will be drinks and food later so I want to burn every calorie possible.

It’s Valentine’s Day so hopefully my knight in shining Armour ( yes spelled that way) will show up soon As of now he is late! Guess I’ll have another margarita and some Steak tacos.

So far the Coral Gods have been ok.

In Tonga I brought home some coral. I never really saw signs not to bring it in so I packed it in two places in my bag. I was honest at customs and said that I had coral so Megan and I had to go through a long line at secondary. They found the coral and I said that I didn’t know and it was dead anyway. I was so nervous going through the next X-ray and actually shaking a few minutes later. On a trip later that year diving with my daughter, I lost buoyancy and was sinking. My middle finger got a tiny puncture wound. Later it stung and itches but I didn’t really feel anything in it. The Coral Karma found me. I had to have. A millimeter and a half piece surgically removed in the hospital under sedation at the time of $12,000! This is what is wrong with America’s healthcare system. I haven’t touched a thing on this trip.

Update on my dive friends, the three ladies from Kansas are all professional woman, an Ob/Gyn, divorce attorney and a big time cigar shop owner. The German man is a dermatologist. Had some drinks with them last night.

Had a great coconut shrimp dinner and some wine, Then to bed early

Thursday Feb 15th My Birthday!

Early to rise, going to the early dive today at Blowing Rocks. Had a little breakfast at The Shack omlet and coffee then a 45 min boat ride to the next dive site. Immediately as we descended a huge spotted manta ray and reef shark were waiting for us. Great dive, so many manta rays and sharks and New York City of sizes, colors and species of fish. When I am down there I am trying to remember the colors of the fish, corals and sponges. It’s just impossible. I even tried to imprint in my mind what family and friends would like which fish.impossible. Second dive was spectacular too because we were closer to the surface so the colors were even more intensified. Boat ride back. Having a little birthday lunch. kingfish carpaccio.

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