What are borders, after all, but the checkpoints letting you know that you have reached a new stage in your adventure?

I suppose this is also true for new cities, new experiences, new countries and new continents.

This was from last year sometime but never posted.

Birthday Margarita!
Lunch high above the tree tops
I love feeding koi
For inspiration

The way back was much faster. I can navigate the pot holes and speed bumps much easier and the basic white line makes driving in the dark so much easier than the night of my scariest drive while I was in a stick shift fighting g the road with people, cows and herds of goats to drive up hill, in the dark and late. George and I were in Malawi and only a son can tell you how to drive and not get his head big off. Btw, missed the flight, I was a day late! So I appreciate these fine roads, Mexico! Back to the condo for reading, sun bathing and a nap

We headed out, a little dressed up since it was still my birthday, and drove to the place we were promised pulpas. No octopus for us, they were closed. Maybe tomorrow. So we drove the ten minutes into the Romantic zone. A little drizzle on the way, we are starting to enjoy the Mexican radio. Sushi or Mexican food? Mexican. We shared a moljete dish which is shrimp, cactus, onions etc in a molten spicy cheese. I have the container at home. It is made if stone. It was delicious as were the margaritas. And the gave me a small dessert

Back at the condo we read tarot cards and played more Rummicub. I am not my usual winner. At that games, but we both had positive Tarot cards.

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