Botanical Gardens

We are about 20 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta, very close to where we took a family trip to Yelapa a few years ago. We have to take a boat to get there. We left San Diego on Christmas Day and told the kids we would be traveling by canoe, so they couldn’t take more than a small bag. Sorry Natalie and Annie. The hotel, if you could call it that was one bedroom and a kitchen, not very private bathroom and a balcony with two beds and a hammock. The beds had mosquito nets but not the hammock! George slept without the mosquito net and paid for it. There were no windows or screens. It was really primitive. We had a great time. The tiny town only had narrow paths that donkeys and people passed through. No cars, no bikes, no scooters. There were a few restaurants but the beach was exciting. Waves pretty much ripped your suit off if you aren’t careful. We hiked to waterfalls and truly learned the meaning of family style eating, which meant one big bowl and lots of forks.

So today, Mom and I drove and drove south to where we were pretty sure there was a botanical garden. It was high in the mountain about twenty minutes away. So many beautiful plants and birds and butterflies. We had a lovely lunch Hugh in the trees and fed the koi. Back to the beach for a little suntanning, aka bronzing per my daughter.

Earlier today I saw some whales out in the Ocean. A spectacular site.

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