Finally a trip to Europe

Venice here I come! A few weeks ago I was planning to go to Wisconsin to visit my Mom, friends and possibly organize my high school class reunion. It was expensive. The same day I received a postcard from my nephew and his niece who are living just outside of Venice. My nephew, Mark is stationed there in the Army. So when I looked up the possibility of traveling to Venice, I impulsively booked it! Then I felt guilty and booked a very quick trip to Wisconsin for my Mother’s birthday. Saw my best friend since age 15, Julie. Had a great dinner with Mom at a very cool supper club in Pipe, Wisconsin. Pipe is so small it’s unincorporated. The supper club sat about 40 people. You want to get there at about 4:30. You sign up with one of the daughters and go to the bar and wait. Dice games are happening. Mostly shake of the day. I ordered an Old Fashioned, sometimes called Old Fashion. It was perfect except for the cherries. I hate those dyed red ones. After a bit a server brings the menu and you order from her. When the table is ready, you are invited to be seated. Immediately a fritter arrives, unless you know to ask for it to be served after dinner. We did. My Mom is a regular. A fritter can be many things, this one was kind of a deep fried rosette donut with powdered sugar on it. It’s probably a German thing. We had an amazing, Wisconsin dinner including soup, salad, bread basket, calamari appetizer and fresh lake perch! I love this place. An Restauranteur would be impressed with the efficiency and the food. Next my Mom and I stopped off to see my Father at a tiny cemetery in Jericho Wisconsin. We buried him there in October of 2009. My parents had a bench designed as their gravestone with their picture on it, their parents names and their kids. It’s pretty cool. I have relatives from my Dads side buried there. The church was built by my Great Grandfather on my Moms side. There are farms bordering it and there used to be cows next door. The next day I saw my college friends after a memorable bowl of Real Chili!!

So now off to Venice for just 6 nights. Two with my nephew’s wife and their kids, then four nights in one of my favorite cities, Venice. I have reservations at my fav restaurant. Time to fly!

You don’t know what a fritter is?
Best Friends Forever

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