More Wednesday

I woke up early and went for a long walk, it was a beautiful clear, coolish morning. Very few people get up early and not many places are open. I finally found a place for some coffee.

I got in line for seeing the Basilica again. I was about 45 minutes early which worked out to be perfect. The lines were very long after that. It is such a beautiful place. It has been revised by fire and flood since the 450’s. Apparently St Mark’s body was brought there from Egypt. The floors of the main part are rippled by floods. Last time I was here it was closed due to floods and days after I was visiting it was two feet under water.

Somebody said take a lot of pictures….

The alley to my apartment
A little breakfast
Love all the cafes
Irish Pub from yesterday, right across from my favorite restaurant

As soon as I made the flight arrangements I made reservations at Osterialletestiere. I have eaten here a few times. Never forget to confirm your reservations. It’s Michelin rated!!

Italian Gin and Tonic
Seafood from the Adriatic Sea
Nine tables
Ravioli as second course
Unbelievable fish
Biscotti that was actually good

Back to the apartment for a food coma induced nap and a rapid Covid test. I am negative

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