Crickets and Beetles in Mexico

It’s my usual two week recharge, reboot, for Fall. My plan was to go to India but also be realistic that it might not happen, but not to repeat last year. Last year I took two short trips to Mexico. While these trips were exciting and relaxing, I did not get a chance to be re-energized by travel.

My daughter and I planned a vague trip to India to accomplish a few things, one being visiting with our long time friend Shirley. I visited her in 2010, after an attempted visit in 2009 which was cut short when my Father died suddenly in the country of Hungary. Shirley was very excited to see us and had many things planned. She has visited the USA several times as a guest in my home.

We also hoped to see the Taj Mahal, meet the Dalai Lama and go on a boat trip in Kerala. I had written to His Highness and emailed hoping to get an audience. I never did hear back so we planned to just hang out in Dharmsala and take our chances.

But e-visas we’re not possible and mailing in out passports was risky. What if we didn’t get them back in time, then we could not go anywhere. We discussed Greece, Panama, Spain and other places but decided on Mexico.

On my Bucket/Lust list has had Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende on it for a long time. I wanted to include some beach time so we added Tulum too.

It’s so easy to cross the boarder at the CBX crossing near the Tijuana airport. I had done the same last February.

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