So much to do here or just do nothing. I have been so busy that it has been impossible to keep up with this blog and the fact that the Internet doesn’t always cooperate. We chose a small boutique hotel called Nueva Lido. We wanted beachfront with a pool, WiFi, parking, air conditioning bar and restaurant. You sometimes have to sacrifice, so no a/c not good, no bar, we had a refrigerator…. Great view, nice tanning beds in front with umbrellas and breakfast was across the street.

We planned to stay on the beach for three nights then maybe move into the city of Tulum but quickly changed our minds. The beach was too nice to leave. After a few Mezcals and diet squirt we walked down the beach around sunset then on to the maid road which is mostly dirt and potholes. We were barefoot but found a little taco bar with amazing oct tacos! Yummy. I live the sauces and spice here. Everything is so fresh.

Mezcal and crickets

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