Tulum 6

Last full day in paradise. Early breakfast and time on the beach. So many families here today. Since it was Sunday we hoped that the popular club next door might perhaps be closed but wasn’t. The music started blaring soon after we sat down.

Breakfast area

After a few hours we walked down the beach looking for tacos. We ended up at the same bar that we had a drink at the first night we were here. Tacos were great and also had some tomatillo aguachile, which is similar to ceviche. Delish. Also played the game Hive. It’s very fun.

I tried to get a massage but it was too busy. We read books at the beach and had a little wine for me and pina colado for Natalie. Our next plan was to walk to the Greek place, Ilios, for octopus stop by Arco for a soft shell crab and finally another taco and the local dive bar. We only made it to the Greek place for their amazing octopus and eggplant chips. They had a small version of the “show”. We counted 38 servers and hostesses, not cooks or dishwashers and there were 10 people there at that time. Most of the places are like this. We tried to get a taxi home but no one would take us for less than 300 pesos.

On our walk home we saw the bar across the road from our hotel. It was burned to the ground. The night before there was a loud knocking on our door at 4:30 am. We couldn’t understand what they were saying and did not open the door. We might have heard the word coche or car. In the morning I asked the owner what that was all about. She finally admitted that there was a “Firing” last night and maybe there were worried about the car. Someone got fired, a gun shot?? There were many armed guards on the beach earlier in the day. We think we are anonymous here but they all know that we are in the Christopher Columbus room and have a car. At breakfast we asked the waiter what happened. He didn’t want to say but it was a fire across the street and the bar burned. Maybe they were afraid that my car would burn up. It was very close to the fire. He also talked about the new drugs and money here and the problems that these have caused. He told us that Tulum used to be light only by candles and that it was a very sleepy town.

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