Tuesday in Sun Miguel

With a quick plan to go walk to a market, we quickly discovered that El Mercado de San Miguel de Allende is actually in Madrid. I added it to my bucket list because it’s looked fantastic. Maybe a future weekend trip. As we left the hotel we decided to walk to the right and watch the city wake up. That is one of my favorthings to do!

Heads on swivels, so much to see, people going to church, kids going to school, markets opening up.

Love all of the textures and colors
Back at the center. Coffee and reading

We sat at a little cafe for awhile taking in the views and people watching. We flirted with a little six year old, reading and having coffee.

Second arch from the back
I love churches

Churches always intrigue me. So many unusual relics, some spiritual. I remember seeing a pair of blue gloves that wept tears of the Virgin Mary in Jordan. Relics of the Holy Grail, relics of Jesus’s cross. The statues here had from the looks of it human hair!

Is this burning in Hell?
Beautiful doors

So many gorgeous boutiques and galleries. We bought a few things.

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