Got dressed up and walked to Rosewood Hotel for the view and a drink.

This hotel is very exclusive and we found out why! The view are incredible and the grounds stunning. Had a glass of rose and some French fries and a Facebook video call with family. My Mom is in the hospital and we all were concerned. Even my niece in Nepal chimed in, but hours later. Gotta appreciate technology.

Love the garden
A bag for your mask! Clever!
The grounds
Here comes the moon!
Gluten free tacos

We heard about a restaurant called LuLu Cafe. We walked past it on the way to Rosewood. We sat at the bar. It was Taco Tuesday. We were told that the kitchen closed in 10 min so we order fish, shrimp and cauliflower tacos on beet tortillas. Very tasty. We talked with the owner Paul. He moved from Oakland a few months before to open this shop. We plan to come back on Thirsady for a Pilates class next door and brunch. Back to the center for people watching.

Magenta tonight!
Photo bomber! Or Waldo?
My Mom hates this word

I realize these pictures are crooked and from the side, but you have to be stealthy in galleries and taking pictures of other people art. Once in Uganda, at the source of the Nile, I took a picture of a metal sculpture and got in big trouble. It finally took a one dollar bill to get out of the trouble!!

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  1. George Bailey says:

    Looks so beautiful there!


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