Serve to Save Lives continued

When we arrived in Bahati we picked up Joe. We went to the school that he attended, Kaimainia . We met with the head master of the school, parents, neighbors, other Rotarians and another man maybe from public health. Or a representative of the Ministry of Health. Everyone introduced themselves and we all had a chance to speak on the subject of fluorosis. Joe was the master of ceremonies.

Next stop

Next we talked to the assistant county commissioner. He listened to us. He was a very nice looking man with nice clothes. He finally pulled off his mask snd he had a missing or very dark tooth. He grew up here! He pulled another guy from the back. He didn’t want to hear what we had to say, visible by his body language. But he finally saw the light and he too was on board. The plan was to get all of the people aware of the problem and figure out the process to fix it, bringing health, education and the administration together.

Next stop a Catholic hospital

Dental prices
At the hospital

They were too busy to see us. I used their bathroom being thank for bringing my own toilet paper and wipes. Meeting times and places change very quickly.

Next stop the hotel for lunch. Patience is needed at restaurants too. Some food comes out fast some not. George, Jan, Joe, Vincent, Natalie and I had lunch but the best part was giving Joe his coveted whitener!

Banner Exchange

Next a well deserved nap followed by a zoom Rotary meeting and some wine.

Zoom with DG Alex

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