Diving day

The room we are staying in is tiny, two beds a couch, refrigerator and a bathroom

Outside patio
Breakfast here
Breakfast dog

Got set up for two dives. Decent visibility. Saw a Moray Eel, Peter saw sea turtles. Second dive my face mask kept fogging up and then I was alone. I did not panic. I waited on the bottom, then slowly ascended. Saw the boat they directed me towards the bubbles of the divers. I descended and waited. Schools of fish surrounded me, giving me the eye. I loved this when I dove before, so I tried to have that same feeling. I decided to wait about one minute more before ascending but then the dive master found me. He took me back to the group and all was well. Enjoyed the rest of the dive.

More tacos!

Nap dinner sunset a great day but we decided that two days was going to cut in to our trip later so we decided to leave in the morning.

The Bachelor

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