We stopped at one of the beachside communities looking for a place to stay. Restaurant had potential with several Packer signs but we decided that the hotel/motel was a little too Bates like so we left.

Road kill

Next beach town. Arrived at dusk, found an office and a woman showed us to a room with two beds. Restaurant might open, it didn’t, no internet, and electricity turned off at 10pm and didn’t come on in the morning. We ate papaya for dinner and played cards.

My bed
His bed
I had to use the towel for warmth
View from the beach
Coconut oil thermometer: solid when cold, liquid when hot
City of Mulege for breakfast
Still XMas decorations
Yes TJ sign

On towards St Ignacio we are halfway between Tijuana and Cabo

Pretty flowers along the road. We saw men painting the curbs and weed wacking along the side of the roads too, far from the cities.

Mission built in 1700’s
Went to church again
Cactus garden
Another sign

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