Lisboa Tu e Eu

My son George and his girlfriend highly recommended this restaurant. I took an Uber. It said it was a 30 min drive and I read that I needed to get there early. No reservations. The driver dropped me off, way to early, so I thought. I tried to tell and show him this on my phone but he just stopped. I got out of the car and walked a little bit to see where my gps was sending me. Wrong way so I turned around. I followed the directions, zig zagging right and left and up and up steps, clearly in a very resident area, thinking that I was wasting time and steps.

On the way

I was sure I was lost but the directions were pretty accurate. It reminded me of the time years ago, in London with my Mom, who truly has limited amounts of steps, was the gps off? My Mom and I were searching for the Ice Bar for a long time, but it was worth it, right Mom?

The directions were accurate and I found it!! There was a line as expected. I waited about 45 minutes, I didn’t take the first table available because it was too central an I knew that I would hate sitting in front of everyone in line, feeling like a loser, alone. Lol, I just wanted a table with a better view of all of the people. This restaurant was outside only, on a bit of a slope, tiny tables. I ordered some white wine, got red, but went with it. Bread, olive oil, olives, octopus salad and some amazing shrimp and crunchy rice. All outstanding! Worth it. Thanks George and Grace.

Love these tables
Pay the bill and graffiti encouraged
This was the alley to/from the street. A short cut that I missed

It was now after ten. Hmmm how to get back to the hotel? Walked a bit and then ducked into a hotel and asked them to call a taxi. Quick trip home to the hotel, went to the bar, empty but asked for a port. Time to sleep.

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