Americans are so impatient, especially me. My theme for the year, yes, I have a theme, is “Enjoy the Journey.” My incredible daughter gave me a sign with those words for Christmas. It is in my bathroom and I look at it many times each day, but almost halfway into the year, and it’s still so hard. I am sitting in a very nice restaurant, waiting, waiting, waiting. Nope, no reservations. I walked by earlier and the menu looked great. The reviews perfect and at 9pm, it was not so busy. It’s 9:16 and just got my wine. They misunderstood me re bottle vs glass. I think I want to be a restaurant reviewer for single women! The elegant owner served me a glass, thinking I wanted a glass then, very nicely, I told him that I had ordered a bottle. He then proceeded to pour wine from the new bottle into my old glass! He quickly realized his mistake and took away the glass and repoured the wine. Now I am looking at my estranged glass and wondering who will drink it. Back to the old restaurant days.

Gazpacho with basil ice cream
Grilled octopus, aioli, chorizo sprinkles and sweet potatoes with coriander oil
Dessert. For my sweet tooth fans!

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