More Sintra from yesterday

As I got off the train, I considered the hop on hop off bus. It was only 20 euro. Could save time and money. I bought it and waiting in a line that I thought was the right one, never really saw the bus. After 10 minutes or maybe two, I went to the taxi line. No one in the first two, maybe number 3 in line. Nope he yelled to the other two to quite talking and pay attention. I asked how much to the Peña Palace. He said 10 euro so off we went. Took about 20 minutes through winding, lush forests with flowers all over. It was windy and chilly. When we arrived to the entrance, it was confusing because there were so many people in line. I had bought the skip the ticket lines so where to go. I asked at the ticket office and she just said, go to the front of the line. I was late for my time slot but she said her colleague might let me in. Sheepishly I walked to about 25th in line. Some angry looks but not as many as I expected. It’s was even more windy and more cold the closer we got to the entrance. Another 30 min waiting. The views were blocked by the clouds swirling around us. Finally inside the palace. It was pretty amazing. People actually lived here in the early 1900’s. It was a steep hill to get to the palace, walk or small tram. No idea if I should have paid for the tram.

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