To blog or not to Blog

I tested positive! Wtf! I was having a nice lunch and reading and this popped up. Of course my phone was near dead. I finished my wine and ubered to my hotel. I was a pretty much packed already but grabbed everything and booked a different hotel. I couldn’t fathom staying in a room with no open air. Such a problem. Got to the hotel and realized I left my passport in the safe. I was nervous of going back but I had to. I felt like time was of the essence. The front desk that had been empty the past few days was full of people checking in. Would I be put in Covid handcuffs? I got to my room, ordered another Uber with my passport secure. And I ended up with a window that opened, really nice people at the quaint hotel and a concert outside my room. I could swear it was Sir Elton John, so quarantine or not, not that it has been “mandated” by anyone, I went to see! Not Elton but pretty awesome!! Concert in the park with a wine bar! And seats available to sit on!! I truly have good Karma!!

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