Extra time in Lisbon

I walked around mostly, trying to keep away from people. I have a lot more to read, so I am enjoying this extra time. I feel badly for putting this burden on my daughter, but she will be fine. She will have her well deserved vacation soon. I had to find out where to buy more contact lenses and toothpaste.

More murals. There is a lot of graffiti in Lisbon, some artistic, some not.
Love the sidewalks
Dinner place yesterday
Stuffed mushrooms
My view at the second hotel. It was actually very cute. A Rick Steves group was here when I was, maybe even Rick Steves or is he dead.
The cute bar with a nice overworked bartender
Third hotel in Lisbon. So cute
The bathroom. So nautical
Window seat
The pink street. Fun by day, danger by night. Can’t wait!

I just took a second Covid test. I will be emailed within two hours to see what is next. The weather is perfect, warm in the sun, cool in the shade. I am very close to a Food Hall that I went to a few days ago. I think I’ll wander over.

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