Race Day take 2

After a short nap and a nice message from my host that the race would start earlier than the day before, I headed back to Il Campo. Same bar. They had a table reserved and they didn’t care that it was just me. After a few minutes the people next to me asked if I had been there the two days before. They were part of the bachelor party that we talked to! They asked where the rest of my group was and I told them that they had to get back home, then they asked if I would like a ticket? Yes!!! They had seats near the bar. Of course I bought them a round of drinks. They didn’t know the race was starting earlier than the day before so we got ready to find the seats. We raced back and forth under the bleachers but we were too late to get to the seats. I left them and tried to peak through here:

And away they go
Unicorno contrade wins

This was the best part. I had no idea who won, but as the losing contradas left, I moved towards the track. I had front row seats to see the horse parade down the track and then next came the cute jockey! It was very exciting. I shed a few tears of joy!

All of the contradas

One of the Serbians, next to me asked me to join his friends for a drink at the San Paola bar so I did, but very hard to understand them so I left and ran into another celebratory parade of the Unicorno Contrade

What an exciting turn of events. A rain delay, no ticket, then a ticket, unable to get the seats then seeing the celebration! Wow! Almost as exciting as a Packer Super Bowl win, very close!!!

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