Stormy Weather

Kind of a lazy day, wait that was yesterday and the same for today. Walked around both days, dodging the storms. Some were quite violent. Last night it thundered for over an hour, with constant flashes of lightening. I had reservations for dinner at a Michelin restaurant but I cancelled because I was too full from lunch. Lunch was at the Gato restaurant across the street. Great pappardelle with ragu.

Beef tartar and olive tapanade

Another photo of the building where the flat is

Local church
View point
Roof top garden
Older than dirt
All tables need these
Eggplant and burrata
Beef tartar
The restaurant

Mugolone was the Michelin restaurant. Not a star, maybe a nod. Not so great. Food was attractive, but tasteless, service was tired. Sometimes pizza is perfect!

One more night here. I am full of pasta. Tomorrow I take the train to Florence for one more night in Italy. I think the rain is over!

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