It’s Showtime!

Another exciting adventure about to begin! I had a great dinner with my son, George and his girlfriend, Grace. A little French food at Blue Boheme, one of my favorite restaurants, owned by my friend Ken Irvine. Amazing food!! Stayed up too late but woke up early. And guess who was going to Dallas a few minutes after me?

Yup, my daughter. She is headed to Milwaukee for a friends wedding.

I wasn’t sure why I couldn’t check in on line but when I got to the airport I had to download MySOS in order to land in Japan. Couldn’t get internet at the airport for a few min and then had to change my Apple ID. Just another hurdle. Then actually had time to talk a little business with Natalie. We are in the process of, hopefully buying another practice, so of course the broker needs stuff asap at 6 am. He had all week. He’s a slacker! Luckily my daughter is capable of doing what is needed while I am gone for two weeks!!!

Julie will be on her way to Chicago now. We will meet in Dallas. Hopefully both of our flights will be on time. At one point we planned to meet in Seattle, but the connection time in such a huge airport was too risky. We have a long layover in Tokyo so we will take the train into the city! I think we arrive at 6pm and then depart around 1am. I did the same a few years back with Natalie when we were traveling to Thailand.

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