I once was known as the Woman that fell of the Horse in Nicaragua, now I am the Woman that got bit by a monkey!

Let’s just start with, no I wasn’t feeding or otherwise antagonizing the monkey. I was reading a book, enjoying some quiet time. I looked up and two monkeys and a dog were approaching. I was on the pier. I stood up tucked my sunglasses in my shirt and took a picture and a second one. Then it jumped on me and bit my arm. I screamed very loudly because I was cornered and I didn’t know what to expect. I grabbed a bi bamboo pole and I was ready for battle! They scampered away. Finally some one for. The Monkey Island Resort came to my rescue. I was walking back to the room and they wanted me to come with them. I did at first but I could just imagine them using an old rag and dirty water to clean it. They followed me to our bungalow and I got my first aid kit out. By then someone brought a first aid kit. The wound in about and inch and a half long in the shape of a smiley face, must have been the bottom teeth because the upper fangs would hurt sooo much more. The guys had some betadyne so they put that on it. I took a bandaid and got the edges as close together as possible, like my Mom does for her wounds. I applied some high strength antibiotic cream, another bandage and wrapped it. I have some current antibiotics so I took one of those and some Motrin and some very old pain pills! Julie had been on the other side of the bay and heard a scream but thought it was a monkey. I texted her that ai had been bit and to be careful. Then I heard her call me from outside the door. She was surrounded my monkeys. There are 70-80 monkeys on the island. I told h we what happened and we took pictures. I texted my kids and then some monkeys were outside. They seemed friendly but then not so much. They were trying to get in! We called the tour company because we had no way of getting in touch with the staff. They came knocking in minutes. We just wanted to be escorted to the dining area. So we quickly packed and had breakfast and they kept the monkeys away. Our next boat picked us up a little early for some biking and hiking.

More tomorrow but sounds like I will need to get some prophylactic rabies shots. It’s not the 30 painful ones in the stomach anymore.

First pic
Second pic
Mostly Betadyne
On our porch

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