Random pics from past two days

The boat cruise in Ha long Bay was beautiful in the evening we had a dinner with everyone. Some things good, some just ok. We were the oldest in the group. Most of the group were in their 30’s. Some lucky ones were traveling for months. We really liked a Canadian couple. They were on a six month trip. They were frustrated with their government policies on sick and endangered species. I think they were our equivalent to Forest Rangers.

After dinner we tried to fish for squid. One of the guides played Ukulele. Early to bed for early sunrise.

More kayaking through caves Breakfast and lunch and just watching the amazing views. We packed up for the next part of the adventure. A boat was to pick us up before the rest of the group departed but they passed us by. Oh well, trust and patience is part of travel. Eventually we were put on a small boat and headed to Monkey Island. We had been told that the Island was a popular spot for many years but now closed to visitors. Later we found out that if you stayed at the resort, you could be on the Island. And I use the term loosely when speaking of the resort. And btw, yesterday the resort closed. We were there on it’s last day. Either a big company was taking it over or it was going to be going back to natures we heard both stories.

As we arrived at the “resort” no one greeted us, no welcome drink and no one at reception. Finally someone brought us up the stairs to the open air restaurant overlooking a beautiful sandy bay. I think we showed our passports. Then he took us to our bungalow. Second story, rickety steps, beaut view of the bay. Back to the restaurant and had a drink. Then decided to check out the pool on the cliff. It was empty and smelly. So we hiked up to the gazebo on the top. Crazy dangerous climb and a precarious gazebo in disrepair, great views though.

Stay in the middle on the beam

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