Train story soon, it’s crazy! Once we got to SaPa, as usual difficult to figure out where we were and where we were supposed to be. Asked a taxi driver and as usual 100-200 meters in that direction too. And to the right.

We found it with out too much trouble, checked in paid. Sometimes my cards work and sometimes Julie’s do. I think my ATM is blocked. Had time for breakfast and we chose right nest door after yesterday’s fun. Eggs and pho. Each pho is different, some better than others and some places have more condiments to put in. Repacked a few things so we just had a small backpack. And away we went. Suddenly we were climbing over a small fence and heading down. It looked like a local dump with loose stones and bricks. Julie was excited. I was not!

Sa Pa Sisters Adventure
Sa Pa
Ching our guide

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