Phu Quoc

Breakfast yesterday. Most places we stay at have Buffett breakfasts. They have all the usual stuff be we tend to get the Pho. Each place is different. Todays was a fish base, thin vermicelli rice noodles. We also try the new things.

Motor biking was exhilarating! It just works. Very few accidents. Lots of beeping. You must concentrate on the road under you, on traffic on all sides. We biked to the south part of the island and got lost a few times.

Pineapple cut for Sally
Yesterdays pool
Yesterdays pool
What is this?
Lard to catch fish
Stairs to nowhere
Swing in the water
Boats at the harbor
Trying to find the fish sauce factory
Beautiful lobster
Not the fish factory

We biked from 11am til 5 pm

Welcome drink and ice cold towel

Next hotel. Even better hotel. Less kids nicer staff

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