Day 2 Second morning watching the sun rise from an airplane.

Yesterday we arrived in Buenos Aires in the morning. I had a spectacular view of the sunrise on the plane. It was like the sunrises in the Dominican Republic, where the sun just pops up. Not sure I will see that this morning as we are starting to head more to the right.

Yesterday, after we landed. It had been a 9 ish hour flight. I never even checked how long it was from Dallas. We stopped at an airport restaurant and had water, coffee and a beer. Got some money from the ATM which I always do and we negotiated a taxi to the hotel. The room was almost ready, but not quite. After dropping our luggage off, we took a taxi to one of my bucket list items, the Recolate Cemetery where Eva Peron was buried. I have been a big fan of the great operetta, Evita. I can’t imagine how many times I have seen it and/or listened to the music. Most recently sang, “Don’t Cry for me Argentina,” at a dinner with my investment group. I wasn’t the only one that knew all the words at that dinner and I am pretty sure that my travel companion and brother knows all the words too.

The cemetery was huge with many mausoleums built for families. Many were two stories and very ornate, with marble, metal and wood carvings

The room was ready if we wanted to have a double bed, so we waited and they comped us a beer. Took a little nap and then walked around looking for a spot to eat. We had been recommended a place just across the street but it looked like a Denny’s. No chains restaurants for us. Finding nothing and not having internet, we went back to the hotel. Found a spot and started to walk but ended up in a cab. Now that it was later there were more places open. Most people go out after 8 for dinner.

After the cemetery we taxied to the location of Evita famous speech/song the Casa Rosada. It was closed so we only have a picture of where she stood on the balcony. Next stop was supposed to be a colorful street with markets. It was siesta time so there wasn’t much open. We stopped at a local restaurant and had a beer and empanada and then it was time for our siesta.

Casa Rosada

Peter overheard someone at the hotel exchanging money for a much better rate than we got in the airport. He looked up on the internet that several countries including Argentina have black market exchanges rates at nearly double what we were getting at the ATM. We excused more money.

We ate at Los Chanchitos Parilla. It was a very typical local restaurant. There were very few people when we arrived but it filled up very quickly. I had looked up a few words for meat ahead of time, but the menu was in Spanish that was not what I learned. Our waiter was not very patient with us. We ordered wine and water, and then navigated some meat. Most options were supposed to be shared. Peter had a ribeye and I had tenderloin. The wine was great, Argentinian, of course. It was fun to people watch and see what they ordered and the waiter finally warmed up to us. We bought another bottle to take with us and took some meat home too. The waiter wanted us to take the fat of the meat home too. As we started to walk back, we heard some live music. We couldn’t get in with the wine so we taxied back to the hotel and slept until our 3 am wake up.

We had asked one of our taxi drivers to take us to the airport at 3:30am and he actually showed up and the hotel had a little to go breakfast and coffee for us. At the airport it just took a few min to be sure we were in the right place. Now on the 3 hour flight to Ushuaia

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    Looks delicious!!


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