Life on board the Plancius

The boat was build as a military boat in The Netherlands. Later rooms were added for tourism. We ended up in a pretty nice room on the top floor. We had two big windows. There was easy access to the captains bridge and in the other direction, a door to the outside if we needed air or to see a passing whale or seal. There was plenty of storage space. The bath room was fine. The shower e was hot. You needed to time your shower as the big swells made it difficult to stand up. Mostly this was on the Drake Passage which is notorious for rough weather. Both of our crossings were easy. We kinda hoped for more weather.

Most days were crisp, cold and sunny. We both had the right gear. I supplemented with hand warmers. My green hat was handmade from Tibet. Not so attractive but so warm and water repelled off it. They issued us mud boots which we definitely needed. One of mine got wet but I traded it in for a dry one.

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