After the fight

I took the metro again. So easy. I remember teaching my kids how to take the “tube” in London. They were preteens. I explained how it worked and that most cities were the same. I told them where we were and where we wanted to go and I sat down and waited for them to figure it out. They were a little frustrated at first, but it was fun to see their little brains work. I never had to help them again. That is empowerment. Sometimes people scoffed at traveling with my kids at young ages. What would they remember? Enough. Maybe not the Louve but they are world travelers. One is going to a Padres game in Mexico City next week and the other is headed to Israel. I digress.

I stopped at Plaza Del Sol. It was very busy. So many people out and about, drinking, eating and socializing. So many dogs out for walks with their masters. I got a little lost but it didn’t matter. I was still a bit disturbed by the BullFight. I needed internet so I stopped off at a bar, it was hard to find a quiet one with space to sit. I ordered a Aperol Spritz and a crushed tomato bruschetta. It was perfect. I am in the planning stage of a dinner I donated, so I am looking for ideas. I got a little more lost and then finally was near my hotel.

I stopped at the hotel. The restaurant was very busy. I never even thought to eat here. I’ll be back on Friday so maybe I will then. I walked up and down my street. It is a very hip area with many cafes, bars and restaurants. Some so tiny that it’s hard to believe that they can stay open. I found a place, again with seats and ordered some tapas.

Crushed tomatoes
Baked Brie and honey
Iberica ham

Back to the hotel to get packed and sleep. No need to try to adapt to Spain time. I wake up early and read and then go back to sleep. To Ibiza tomorrow.

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  1. George says:

    Still have never seen proof that we went to the Louvre!


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