The Race was postponed!

It rained pretty hard for about 20 minutes. we arrived at San Paola Bar about 5:15. Our table was taken but we had a different one for a bit and then moved to ours. Once we got drinks we figured it out. They weren’t letting people in the center area because the race was postponed. I looked at the track. There were still so puddles. We slowly made our way back to the flat. Jenny and ai stopped fro more food and checked out some jewelry and Mark and the girls had some gelato. Apps on the abandoned balcony, dinner a movie wine and Lemoncello

Where we tried to watch

Lots of parades of the different contrada.

More videos

Games at dinner
This tomorrow
Views while checking on the car
From a wine shop
Dignitaries sit here
Snail con trade
Great lamps in each contra de
The contrade church and museum
Former costumes fro 1700’s
A different contrade dinner preparation
Waiting for the trials to begin and dinner
Dinner in the cave
Truffled tartar
Spaghetti blanco
Nonna tart
Big bites
Contrada dinner

Back to the flat. The big day is tomorrow! We had a beautiful thunder and lightning storm in the evening.

Sunday in Siena

Espresso for breakfast and then off to explore. We stopped first at a favorite butcher shop for sandwiches. The owner is a little grumpy like the soup nazi.

Then on to another favorite place, the balcony that overlooks The Campo!

Jenny and Mark
Sandwiches and pizza in the ever moving shade

Next we went to the Duomo. I have never seen it so crowded.

Back to the flat for a nap . On the way we picked our favorite contrada. There are 17. Only 10 will be in the race.

More bedroom pics

Time flies when you are having fun.

My nephew and family picked me up at the airport and we drove to the gorgeous hill top town of Siena. We were lucky to find parking pretty easily outside the walls of the city. Our flat was easily located. How did we get around without cell phones and GPS?

My bedroom

It’s a beautiful flat in an old cathedral. Two bedrooms and very spacious. The kitchen is nice for breakfasts.


The flat is near the main Duomo, or church. It is my favorite interior of any church I have been inside. No air conditioning in the flat but it was comfortable with fans. That evening we walked around. The city is very walkable and just delivery vehicles are allowed inside. Everyone is getting ready for the Il Palio. The campo has the track filled in with dirt. We found a place to eat dinner, stopped off for a few drinks on the way back to the flat and then to bed.

The Beginning of a Bucket List Trip

At the airport awaiting my first leg of this much anticipated trip. My dog, Paisley, is with my son, George and his sweet girlfriend, Grace. The house and kitten, Lloyd, will be watched my my daughter, Natalie. She will also be on call at the office. All the plants are watered and bills paid. Ready to go!

Travel light!
Start with Bubbles
Yummy Brunch

So, I have been to Italy many wonderful times but this week I have the good fortune to go back to Siena, Italy to see the Il Palio horse race! This has been on my Bucket LustList for almost 20 years! WTF, I can’t believe that! BTW it’s Bucket-Lust-List because it’s adventures I want to experience, not because I plan to kick the bucket any time soon.

Flying United San Diego to Houston. Then on to Munich and finally to Florence where my first nephew, Mark Giauque and his lovely wife, Jenny and darling daughters, Harper and Mia will pick me up. We will then drive to Siena, where I have a flat rented through Airbnb.

Il Palio

Travel is joyful. Travel makes me feel alive and grateful. Travel makes me giddy! I love my career because I have the opportunity to make my own hours, to schedule in Travel time in my schedule to basically keep my sanity. It’s life balance for me. I don’t have a boat, a vacation home or a RV. I don’t spend much time at salons or spas, but I love to travel! I love exploring new cultures. I love the adventure, the unknown, the unexpected wonderful moments. I love the cross-cultural experiences. I love that going to India once, led me to a private Global 5500 Bombardier jet to Tokyo and then Dubai, staying in a three bedroom two story suite overlooking the Dubai fountains and in front of the Burj Khalifa and a day later eating Indian dahl made over an open fire, sitting in the dirt. Or going to Turkey with my Mom and ending up watching an Endurance Race in Abu Dhabi for three days and a 11 hour layover in Barcelona. Or meeting friends from Coronado in Munich, all of us coming from different pre-Oktoberfest destinations yet arriving at the designated hotel within minutes of each other. Yes, some people like to go on tours or cruises, and maybe I will too someday, but this week, bring on the adventure and unknown.

The flight from San Diego and then the Munich was uneventful, except for the long flight was cold. presently I am at the Munich airport having an Aperol Spritz and beef tartar. I went through passport control and about a 15 walk to my gate. Asked the gate agent if the flight to Florence was next, she informed me that I was in K terminal and needed to get to G. Good to check. The boarding pass was wrong. It’s a huge, well organized airport but if I waited til the flight was called, I would have been late getting my flight