Little Corn Island

The resort had 8 units. I thought that there were treehouses but I haven’t seen them. Very nice people are working here. I have asked about diving, snorkeling, sup, yoga. Seems like since all the unrest last year that I never heard of, has run a lot of people back to the mainland. Many hotels and restaurants are for sale. No more yoga daily here. Today being Saturday, they limit their menu. Guess the locals get Sat night off. Lounged a bit ocean side, did some reading and a deep sleep nap.

Now I am at a bar sipping a vodka and soda, (no more club soda at my hotel) and using a metal straw, just like home. I am at Cafe Desideri restaurant. Just got a kiss from a local dog. My hotel is about 15 min from the other side, the west side.

I had some plaintain French frys with coconut shrimp and a green papaya salad. Yummy.

There a about 10 people gathered by a bonfire, all ages and races. My Mother told me TO talk to strangers so I am.

The late panga just arrived , it’s getting crowded, 24 more people!

Sunrise and sunset are around 6. Wonder what my walk back to the hotel will be like. I didn’t notice any lights. I did bring a headlamp.

The walk back was a little scary. I could peer into the few house with lights on. Saw some kids watching tv. Several groups of men were sitting in the dark, drinking beer and talking.

The usual temperature here is 82 in the day and 78 at night. It was beautiful sitting on the little porch, last night, with a glass of wine, hearing waves gently crash on the shore, no bugs but I had to ruin it with a headlamp on to be able to read. So relaxing.

The bed is comfortable and there was a nice breeze. Sunrise about 6. I did set my alarm to wake before sunrise, but I didn’t get up until 7. Got ready and had a cup of coffee at the resto and walked into town. I planned to go to a church service at 8. I like churches. Once, on my bucket lust list, I wanted to go to a Mass in Latin. I planned to go when I was visiting the Republic of Georgia. I ended up going to a Russian Orthodox Church first, then the Roman Catholic service in Latin. It was easy to follow along. And in The Kingdom of Tonga, Megan and I went to a Mormon service and then, got to sit down with two young men and hear about why we should become Mormons. So, today when I found the Church, it wasn’t open, so I walked down the path to the right. A dog decided to escort me. Now he is laying at my feet. A little Nicaraguan coffee and an omelet at a Reggea place. If you can’t find an Irish Pub… a Reggea Bar does just fine. Met some Canadians, that were here to dive. One was a younger version of me. We exchanged stories of single traveling. We laughed about no body being anonymous here. I’ll see her and her friend tomorrow, diving.

One of my thoughts has been, how do you balance tourism and over tourism. It seems that once a place becomes popular, it quickly becomes over toured. Here, because of the government, tourism has slowed way down. The government closed down the Panga boats for a while. Which means no supplies, no food other than what is grown or fished here.

I spent the rest of this relaxing day, reading and writing and planning for my future. Vacations like this really help me to refocus. I have made To Do lists and goals for one, three, five and ten years. It’s crazy when one thinks of mortality. At 55, turning 56 soon, one needs to make the best of the rest of ones life. One of the books that I am reading, “How to Relax,” really seemed to put into perspective what I am working on so hard at in my career, that is stressing me out so much, just needs to be tweeked. I complain about being so busy and pulled in every direction and having so little time to myself and having to be a decision maker and problem solver all the time …. But isn’t that what a business owner, entrepreneur is? Wouldn’t I be bored to death if I wasn’t who I am? It will take a day or two more for me to unwind and I can’t wait!

Had a relaxing afternoon reading and writing. I went to the dive shop to schedule some dives. Then found a place called Los Dolfines. Had a lovely time with the view and some ceviche. Back to my bungalow. Now having dinner for the first time here and all the people staying here have arrived in the dining room. Kinda funny hearing so many conversations…

So far the electricity has been fine. It gets turned off during the day, it really isn’t need if you charge up at night. The internet seems to work pretty good but when I do plug in my phone I do get a tiny shock, so after a few shocks, I have learned to not touch it when it’s plugged in. Simple

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