Monday Diving

Early wake up by some little kids goofing off at 5:30am. Hope they were leaving on the early boat. Had some coffee and walked to the Dolphin Dive shop. Got my gear and a briefing. Dive site was called Jarhead. Lots of coral. Love the purple vase like coral. Saw some lobster and puffer fish. Pretty heavy currents. Next dive is in an hour.

Next dive site was Wilbur’s Rocks. Apparently there were six rocks. A much better dive. One of the people had trouble with equipment and we had to fight the current, during the first dive Not fun for me struggling to stay above the water. I want to be below water. On this dive we had some very friendly nurse sharks swimming around us almost the whole 60 min. It was cool to see a fish on the shark eating algae off of it. The shark didn’t like it so much. Saw some lobster, a huge stingray trying to be camouflaged by sand and lots of other fish that I have never seen.

Back to the resort for some fish tacos, pun intended! And vodka and Fresca. Feel like a teenager again drinking Fresca. Thinking about yoga but a nap will probably prevail.

Sorry, not sorry, for misspellings and grammatical errors but I am learning how to do this as I write. I have written in a travel journal for all of my international trips and one got wet (Madagascar while canoeing) and most nobody can read because I have the best doctors writing of all!!!

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  1. Mom says:

    What A wonderful experience I can’t believe all the things you’re doing and the experiences you’re feeling so proud that you went on this trip alone and I can understand more clearly why you did it


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