I am dreaming a lot so I know that I am getting some good sleep. Three out of four pillows smell good. One does not! I checked for bed bugs but only found tiny ants. I sprayed the sheets and mosquito net the first day with Deet, so I guess that I need to do it daily. Hate to use those chemicals but I am getting bit up. I take repellant to the restaurants to spray my feet and legs at meals. Some places provide you with some bug spray , just like home the last two years!

Early to rise. A little walk on the beach and some room service. The coffee is delicious here. No need for cream or sugar.

You should not drink the water from the faucet here, they say. Not brush your teeth with it either. That is hard to do. Prob by day four I won’t care. It is rainwater collected and treated.

Here is the view from my deck

Time to get ready to dive!

So far four dives. At the beginning of the first one I said to my self, self, you don’t have to do this. But now it’s easier. And I will have a routine now. The next three days I will do two dives per day. I feel like my time is slipping away already. Not good weather for Sup or kayaking yet. Today’s dive we saw more nurse sharks. They are about 3-4 feet long and very curious. Our dive master was pretending to make them sit and stay. It was really funny. He was funny, a native from Little Corn Island. No one leaves apparently. He was nicknamed Superman wasn’t sure why until the boat got to the first bouy and he turned around and he has on a Superman wetsuit! He was fun to dive with because he knew where fish and sea creatures were hiding, he fed crabs seaweed and played with the sharks. He had them laying on his fins! Seriously that was cool. And then the sharks swam in a circle and descended in the circle while we ascended. Getting to know some people and even making jokes with the locals, Superman aka Gary. At the second dive he asked for all the girls again. The other dive master, a woman asked if there were any objections and I said yes! Omg everyone laughed and cheered! In between dives, one of my new friends asked if I wanted to go to the Lighthouse for tacos. Ok, why not?!?I took a different way back to the resort… And more A trash tree!

All of that is Carlitos Place. So funny since I have stayed at Carlitos other Place outside of Santiago Chile. Carlito was very sleepy that night and didn’t want to wake up and greet us and we tried everything to get into this larger fenced in area, we could hear people but they couldn’t hear us. We called them over and over, no answer. Finally we reached around a door in the wire fence and could open the door. Too easy! Then we wanted to stay two nights, so he gave us his room the second night. Kinda strange!

Sandal tree and then back to the hood. Shower and lunch. Margie’s and pork tacos.

and my new friend Scooby Doo.

I keep forgetting to mention the quaint “leave your phone alone” method that they have here. Maybe it’s only my bungalow, but if my phone is plugged in and I try to use it, I get a small shock. About four times of getting a shock and I leave it alone! Amazing concept!

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  1. Lori Blumenthal says:

    Hey Suzanne! I just read your blog and love it! The pictures are amazing! You are such an adventurer! So brave! I can’t imagine doing that! Have fun and stay safe .. I will keep following your adventure!!


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