Sunday last full day

It is so civilized here. AC in the room and in the dining rooms. I don’t like it. I miss my walks through the jungle and pastures. Yesterday I swam in the pool and read more. Had some lunch and dinner at the restaurantI am still in a lot of pain. It feels more like a pelvis injury than a tail bone. Today is a little better and I may take a pain pill. I have a driver taking me to Granada, the oldest City in the America’s. It has a nice city square and narrow roads with shops etc. not sure how much I can walk. Then back to this luxury hotel and in the plane tomorrow.

I hired a driver to take me to Granada, nice man. He is helping me speak Spanish, which I really must learn I took two years in junior high school , then three years in high school. Went to Spain for almost a month and took another two years in college. It always amazes me how fast it comes back when I am in a Spanish speaking country. But I have also taken some French , Japanese and Italian.

Now I am on a boat on Lake Nicaragua with a Toña, a local beer.

The boat ride was beautiful. So many little islands, some privately owned some hotels and bars. The monkey island was funny, in the middle of all these beautiful islands. There were several monkeys in the trees that people fed.

Now in downtown Granada. It is pretty quiet right now being Sunday midday. I found a restaurant on Calle la Cabeza with music and an old Cathedral to look at. Had some yellow gazpacho and fish. Both excellent. I don’t think that I have had anything bad while I have been here. Now to the local market.

I picked up a few things at the market then back to the hotel pool to read and swim and relax.

I am ready to come home. It will be a long day tomorrow. Departure at 8 am to Miami then Dallas the San Diego.

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