General Travel I am home!

Nothing broken. I worked last Tuesday and had X-rays after work. Just sore, hard to sit and stand and drive. What a perfect trip. Can’t wait for the next one!!!

People are always shocked at how little I take on trips. I could get by with just contacts, a working ATM and a passport. I have forgotten my contacts twice domestically, both times I had to drive to get new ones. Luckily I have a great Optometrist that was willing to fax my prescription. I am not totally blind, I can see the big stuff.

I like zip lock bags, the good ones, not the cheap ones like from the dollar store, they can leak. I use a gallon size for my makeup and teeth stuff. I use a quart size for bug spray and sunscreen , sandwich size for meds and another for carry on liquids. If needed all the liquids will fit in the gallon size if security makes me consolidate. This doesn’t usually happen anymore. After security I put anything I don’t need in to my bigger bag. I have another system for readers, etc. I have an ugly eye glass holder that had the bendy stuff on top. I put in this: two pens, two sets of readers, a nail file, a good plastic knife and most recently a tiny sharp jack knife. In the little carry on liquid bag,
I have an extra set of contacts, dry eyes eye drops, X clear nose spray, lipstick, lotion and a face misting spray, an altoid mini tin with sugarless mints, xylitol gum, ambien, ibuprofen, a blood pressure pill (to decrease water retention if an overnight flight or if my feet swell) lip balm from my office.

In my smaller carry on I have my favorite really long black cashmere scarf in a gallon size zip lock. It is all purpose and hard to replace if lost, I have a book or two and a full kindle. I might have a recharging source. I take small head phones that I hate but I hate my larger Bose because of all the room they take up. So longer trips the Bose, shorter the cheapies. I try to read or write more than watch things anyway. For longer flights I have a blow up neck pillow, that is washable, it grosses me out when I see them hanging from peoples luggage. Inside this little drawstring bag are eye patches and another pair of contacts. I take a hard sunglasses holder and never check it, because sunglasses are easy to steal. I hate bringing a laptop, but sometimes a movie is nice to watch. They only reason that I used the lap top this time was that I was in so much pain and it was a good distraction. I usually take some work things to read, like journals and magazines that I can discard. Always a note book to write things in. The bag itself is lightweight and in this trip’s case doubles as a beach/dive bag. On the planes I wear yogaish pants and a longer top and a jacket, weight depending on where I am going. I have some socks to put on if needed.

In my suitcase, a carry on, of course. I don’t want lost luggage. I start off with underwear, the number depends on it there is laundry or warm, dry weather. Sometimes I’ll do a little laundry. Clean underwear in a zip lock. 1-2 pair of pants or shorts, 4-5 tops. Maybe a skirt. If there is some clothing that I hate, I take it and leave it after I wear it. It took me days to get rid of some white shorts while in Chile. They kept bringing them back to me. Shoes. Less is better. Megan puts her dirty shoes in a shower cap. This trip I put a pair of Sandals in a bread bag!

I forgot to post this so here it is now a few weeks later. I hope to go back to Nicaragua soon!

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