Airport Fun

This trip is the fulfillment of my paternal grandfathers dream or bucket list item. He died in 1964 so I really didn’t know him. His name was Norbert Popp and he hoped to go to Kodiak Island and shoot bears. Apparently I have a shot gun somewhere but I haven’t seen it it shot it since I was probably a young teenager. The gun is not in my house. I do not plan to do any shooting except with a camera. So this has been on my bucket list for sometime, although now I call it a lust list, because I don’t plan on kicking the bucket for many years.

I booked this trip about two weeks ago, so flights, hotels and guides are a little difficult to plan. In fact the hotel that I plan to stay in tonight cancelled my reservation. I’ll deal with that soon. The day after I finally booked the tickets, I had a fleeting thought that I couldn’t wait to tell my Dad. Then I remembered that he passed away in 2009. In the past few days I have been having vivid dreams about him. It’s Fathers Day tomorrow so this all must mean something.

Here’s the forecast!

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