More Airport Fun

The lines at the airport were the worst ever! I have been waiting for my Global Entry renewal since December. So no PreTSA. Hiking boots off, jacket etc, forgot to take the liquids out. Then after 30 minutes in line which reminded me of Disney, the TSA guy said that I was “preboard”. So American Airlines thinks I still am eligible for PreTSA when I am not. Great security! He sent me to the line with all the wheel chairs and I was embarrassed to slide past them, especially since I had just seen Quinn with her Dad.

Since I booked this trip so late I am flying to Anchorage through Dallas. Using miles of course. On the way back it’s worse! I leave at 2am next Saturday. This lesson that I have learned has led me to book my next vacation in October. I am going to Vietnam. Also going to book Australia in Feb. Almost pressed that button for a one way to Cairns to dive the Great Barrier Reef. I just feel better mentally when I have adventure planned.

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