It’s 62 degrees and pleasant. I took a Lyft to the hotel. Yes, it’s clean and sparse and I will just be here a few hours but it’s a shared bathroom and shower. I was greeted by a very nice man who was expecting me and a black cat on a chair with a bow tie around his neck. Another Lyft to Glacier Brewery for a Manhattan and some food. Apparently the salmon are running and the Mama bears are out with their cubs so the roads are not busy, but several cruise ships are in. Walked a little way to Sullivan’s for another Manhattan. Love this pic

I was advised to use Lyft to get around because of the homeless problem here too. Why do they stay here?

It is 9:12 pm and as bright as Coronado during June Gloom. Having some yummy steak tartare.

Set on a salt block and very fresh. Will head to the hotel for an early night. The flight tomorrow is at 6am and hopefully not too much weather.

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