Kodiak Day One

I went to sleep when it was still light out and it seemed to be light all night, but it could have been the street lights. The shared bathroom wasn’t so bad. It was very clean but I couldn’t fathom taking a shower in it. I woke up earlier than my alarm as I usually do when I am on vacation. Quick trip to the airport, a little coffee and on to Kodiak. I am surprised by the many cultures here. And the amount of families traveling to Kodiak. I also sat next to a woman on the flight Dallas to Anchorage that did some interesting travels to Africa. She is an anesthesiologist in Dallas and goes in some missions. She had recently been to Uganda and also Kenya. We shared our African experiences. She was on the plane with her husband and some young adult children. We exchanged number so we could share our Alaska stories.

Arrived in Kodiak on time and tried to get an Uber or Lyft. Apparently not here yet so I went outside and found a taxi. “Tim”, aka “Ling Ling” drove me through the two block, seemingly deserted downtown and to my cabin. It’s a sunny 50 degree day. The cabin, called Bunk House B is a two room cabin. Sleeps 4. Homey touches of a bearskin on the wall and several mounted animals.

There is a heater that stays on for about 90 minutes at a time. It’s a little chilly but I am always cold anyway. It will be interesting sleeping since that blankets are pretty thin.

Unpacked and decide to have a look around my new neighborhood. No one is around. It’s so quiet. The cabin is not on the waters edge but close to it. Here’s the view.

I decided that I needed coffee and water better place than a Fly In coffee shop over looking a lake. I walked up the hill, stopped at a viewing deck for ducks. Took this picture.and a few others…

Then I must have gotten too close to a Crows nest. This crow was dive bombing me. It was after me for about a minute. I finally put up my hood and it stopped. The coffee place was about 1.5 miles away. Got some coffee and watched the lake. No float planes but I finished a good book that I had started the day before. It’s such a treat for me to read a whole book in such a short period of time. No gluten free food so I decided to walk the 2 miles into town.

Saw this beautiful plane and wished to be in it. Maybe later this week.

Walked a little past the downtown area. Saw that there is a Rotary Club meeting on Wed am so I might go.

Walked along the harbor, checking out all the fishing boats. The town seems really quiet, not sure if it’s because it’s Sunday or Fathers Day or just early. Not much was open so I popped into the Aquamarine Cafe for some breakfast.

Was debating walking back to the cabin but decided to get some groceries. I called Tim the taxi driver and he took me to the Safeway, several miles out of town, waited and then took me to my cabin. There is a Safeway and a Walmart, so I assume they pushed out a lot of the smaller businesses.

More reading and a well needed nap.

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