Slept really well, as long as I didn’t face the window to the left. Why don’t they have rooms darkening curtains? Just as I was supposed to get started, the Bear people called, Kodiak is fogged in. Maybe later today. I was so disappointed. Hopefully later or tomorrow before I leave. A quick breakfast at the cabin, then back on the bike, in the rain, to the Aquarium, back over the bridge. So fast to travel by electric bike. I was up to 25 mph yesterday. The Aquarium has some touch and feel tanks and several narratives of marine life in Alaska. Loud children. But cool pictures through the glass.Still biking in the rain. Stopped by the Aluttiiq museum. Interesting people that arrived in Kodiak 7000 years ago. Mostly it was about the sad effects of the Valdez oil spill in 1989. So disruptive to the ecosystem.

I am starting to get bored. I have pretty much done or tried to do every I can. Hadn’t been to the Kodiak Brewing Company yet. Stopped, just beer, no food, looking for soup. No humans either so I rode over to a Chinese restaurant for soup and more writing. The Bear viewing is rescheduled until tomorrow morning. Hope the weather is ok. Looks like rain to me.

After lunch I rode the bike back to the cabin to read and relax. Soon John came by to get his bike. Took a little nap and then walked to the Sushi Restaurant. The walk came with a facial not terrible rain but enough. Reordered the beef tartar and some Halibut. Beef was good Halibut disappointing. Back to the cabin in the rain. I miss the bike but enjoy the walking . Time for bed.

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