Friday, last chance for Bears

My fortune from a Chinese restaurant.

I woke up early and waited for the call from the airline tour. They called and gave me the sad news that the planes wouldn’t be flying. Janet was my back up plan so now I am in her car looking for bears. Took this photo just in case

So no bears this trip but we tried. Janet and her other passenger and I drove back and forth on Anton passageway and then to some river mouths. It was a pretty rainy day so I was happy to be in the car since I had to check out of the cabin. Headed to the airport to fly to Anchorage and had a very long layover at the airport. Luckily I had a first class ticket so I could hang out in the lounge. And as I mentioned on a previous blog, judging people can some times surprise you. The woman who was in front of me in security, with a broken wheel on her bag and holding up the line ended up sitting next to me in the lounge. We had a couple hour chat. She lives in Point Loma and is super fun. Flight finally left at 2am. Flew to Portland, then Everett and then home. Slept in the airports. On the flight to SAN, I had fun chatting with a fellow traveler. Maybe we will meet somewhere. It was a great trip and I look forward to returning to Alaska.

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