Cairns Airport

I am at the Cairns airport waiting for Megan. She is in the air which is good! She arrived in Sydney as I was leaving for Cairns. Her messages were not hopeful. She had issues in the Sydney airport too, as I did, then had to check and pay for her bag and was delayed on the tarmac. Luckily, WiFi is better in airports so I could look up her flight info and see that she was on her way. I am waiting outside the airport having a glass of wine.

Very similar to the start of yesterday, or rather Friday when I left San Diego.

I chose my flight, knowing that it would go to Dallas first with a three hour layover and then a direct flight to Sydney. The other routes with miles, had worse connections and longer layovers. I ended up with a window seat, thank God and next to some fun 21year olds that were spending a semester abroad I New Zealand! What what fun they were going to have. I was so happy that my son, George spent a semester in Budapest.

Since it was a 19 hour flight, I knew that I needed to stay awake along as possible. One of the things I love about long flights is that I catch up on reading, I can read a complete novel at one sitting. I like to write in my journal, although this mostly works for that. And I get to watch movies. As I looked around I saw no one with a book, other than me! Also about 10 % of the people on the planes had masks on. Too bad they don’t realize that the coronavirus can penetrate masks, but I brought some too.

As usual, Megan and I don’t have much planned. I just rented a car for the next three days. When she gets here we will drive to Port Douglas. Is just over an hour away. She’ll be the driver and I will navigate. Just saw that there are 140 steps to get to the hotel, and on the map it looks like a straight line!

So Sydney airport was confusing. Friday morning Megan sent me a text asking if I filled out the visa application?!? Last time I checked We didn’t need one but I filled it out. It was a very aggravating site but finally got the response. I got off the plane, followed the masses and then the signs were confusing: choice of Australian/New Zealander or All or evisa. I saw people lining up a kiosk for the evisa, so I thought that maybe that was what I had. Eventually I saw that those people had a different ticket, so I got in the All others line. The lines were very long and many people missed their connections. It’s best to chose the lines closest to the crew and diplomat lines because as soon as all of those people are in, they take the overflow.

I had brought some snacks, because I hate eating the garbage at rest stops etc. There were announcements every few minutes about having a fever and sore throat because of Coronavirus, and they wanted to be sure that we didn’t bring any food or plant items. I had learned my lesson in Tonga so I changed my answer to the question about food from no to yes. Diverted to line 2. Then they just asked what I had. They did not want the chicken jerky in their country, but date balls and nuts were ok.

I must have missed the sign that said Quantas transfers… I was wandering the airport, looking for some coffee and checking the signs about for my gate. No flights. Finally I asked someone where Quantas was and they pointed down the way. Asked again and they said down there to the windows, down the escalator and onto the bus. I had plenty of time but glad that I hadn’t stopped earlier.

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