Irish Pub in Port Douglas

Now at the Irish Pub of Port Douglas, Paddys! At the Cairns airport, I knew that I would be waiting a few hours for Megan. I was a little hungry. I don’t usually eat the airplane food. Sometimes I even bring some raw veggies but I knew no vegetables or fruits could be brought it. I did bring some toasted walnuts mixed with coconut and a little dark chocolate.

I left the arrivals area and I go into the baggage claim area. No ac here and it was hot. I sat down and figured out a car. Got a great deal of $7 per day. Although not really trusting that quote as it never happens that way, but it actually did. I went up to the car counter and checked on the car, yes it would be ready. There wasn’t any place to have a coffee or drink or food. Someone suggested an outside place. I ordered some Rose but needed food. I saw the international terminal was close by. I had changed into shorts but it was still very hot and very humid. The international terminal was completely empty so I trudged back to the domestic terminal. Asked a nice airport terminal if I could get back into the arrivals area since there were many restaurants and shops. He said just go to the entrance and go through security. Simple. Walked around a bit. Had some calimari and another rose. To get served you need to order and pay at the bar area and then they bring it to you. Did some reading then walked around. Not ready to shop, as if I ever am! Found a little coffee shop by the entrance to the baggage claim so I could see Megan. Sure enough she texted me that she had landed and we went to get her luggage and the car.

Coffee here is very good and serves extremely hot.

The car was as expected, no surprises and we took off for Port Douglas. Several people had told us that Cairns was too big and too commercial and that we should go to Port Douglas. First things first, we were on the lookout for a adult beverage store. Megan knew they had a special name but couldn’t remember it yet. The roads were two way, on the wrong side of the road. She likes to drive and I like to navigate so it works for us. The drive was beautiful, jungle meets water, Rainforest meets reef. Finally we saw a “Bottle shop” and the clerks couldn’t have been funnier or friendlier. They helped us with our purchases, wine and New Zealand vodka and soda.

We could our hotel/hostel easily where the host was super friendly too. The place was a little like some of the motels on the way from Wisconsin to Florida that I remember from childhood. Two beds, clean, private bathroom and working ac. That is all that we require. It has a small pool and is about a 20 minute walk from the town. A hot and sweaty walk through a neighborhood on one side and a jungle on the other.

Kinda quite on a Sunday early evening, but we found the Irish Pub and hoped to cool off there.

We ordered from the bar, now we knew what to do. Had some yummy Mango Mojitos.We split some spaghetti with olives and garlic and sausage and some fries with cheese and pork. Perfect food!

Uber, yes, Uber back to the hotel and off to sleep.

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