Day Two Great Barrier Reef

This has been a bucket/lust list thing for me so long. I am so pretty excited. I started the day with a little coffee on the little patio. It’s very peaceful! Then a little continental breakfast.

They had a continental breakfast including the famous Vegemite developed during WW1 rationing.

We drove a few minutes to the Port Douglas Marina and found the boat without too much trouble. It is late summer here so less busy tourist than usual. There are about 20 large catamarans that could have up to 80 passengers on hear ship. There were maybe 25 people aboard. There were several dive groups on board, the majority of divers being beginners. My group was just me and a man from South Dakota named Richard. Our guide was from Israel. We were briefed and after a 40 min boat ride we were at the edge of the reef. The gear seemed to be in good condition and we wore “stinger suits”. They were to protect us from tiny stinging jellyfish and the sun. They were like rash guards with hoods and mittens. The water temperature was perfect. I was never cold. We jumped in. They were very safety conscious, more so than any other dive shop that I have been to before. The dives were awesome. We did three. While I was diving, Megan was snorkeling. A lot of the coral was dead due to the environmental conditions like the sun baking down on it and man affected. My favorite creature was the giant clam. The colors were like a psychedelic masterpiece. So many color combinations. The usual tropical fish, some new, sone that O have seen before. I spied two white tipped reef sharks about 8 feet in length.

The boat ride back was relaxing g with a few Coronas

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