Wednesday Animal Envounter

Finally a shower for me. It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be. We packed up everything and waited for the animal encounters. First we went through several of the inside enclosures, the are a lot of rat, opposing looking animals here. First one we held was George a baby Tasmanian devil. He was very sweet. Apparently they have the devil name because when they came out at night before electricity, the candles of the early settles made their ears look red and their teeth were big and sharp. They called open their mouths to 180 degrees. That is a big bite.

Next we went to the Wombat pen. There were three wombats. They were super friendly. We held one on our lap and the other two kept climbing up.

Saw some birds and some of the other wombats and devils then in to the kangaroos. I was so excited!

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